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09-04-2006, 19:51

After a seven year break, I'm finally putting some serious thoughts into playing Warhammer Fantasy once again. I am aware of 7th Edition being on the horizon, so I will not actually start gaming until that his the shelves. I don't see any need to learn two rules sets when one is all I'll need.

Anyway, always being one to play around with army lists, I've come up with two Chaos armies, Chaos being the sole army I always turn to no matter what game it is. As Tzeentch is my most favoured Chaos god at the moment, the armies I've come up with comprise of the models I like from Beasts of Chaos and Hordes of Chaos. Now, because I've gone for the models I like, there are not a great deal of models in either army, though from my limited knowledge of the curret rules, what I have opted for is apparently a strong army composition, but is by no means undefeatable (until of course, I learn the rules through trial and error, then I'll no doubt change the list ;)).

Anyway, see what you think. The first is the main 2500pt army, and the second is a 2250pt army for, if all goes to plan, the event I am hoping to take the army too next year.

You can either take it seriously or not so seriously, I'm happy wither way. :)

09-04-2006, 21:57
disgustingly elite. Hardly the spirit of warhammer, but whatever floats your boat.

Light armour on minos is pointless (6+ save sucks).

Probably better to go for marauders than warriors. In fact the foot troops seem a bit pointless altogether.

At least lose a mark of tzeentch from a unit somewhere (minotaurs or chariot) and spend 20pnts upgrading your aspiring to an exalted champion (well worth it for the stat increases you get, esp. as hes mounted). Helm of many eyes is a BAD idea imho. Making yourself stupid can really screw you over. Go for gaze of the gods instead (4+ ward, 30pnts). Warbanner (common magic banner) on the knights would be a shrewd investment in such a small army as well.

16-04-2006, 20:08
I agree with it completely as your lord is th same as mine in my tzeentch army except my magic items are different