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21-08-2011, 15:36

Unit A is fighting units X and Z, and they line up as follows:


(01). Unit A is 12 wide, and charges Z(10 wide). To Maximize with Z, they touch unit X, is this how the units should have aligned in the charge?

(02). Let's say that was the correct alignment, after combat Unit A wins, but Units X and Z survive and do not flee. Could unit Z reform to allow more of unit X to fight? Or could X and Z reform to Maximize?

(03). Let's say in the fight that Unit Z flees, would Units X and A then shift to Maximize? If they do, who would move?

Thank you for any polite replies.

21-08-2011, 15:48
1. You'de have to maximise against both equally as you'de hit both equally regardless of how you charged.
This is useful knowledge and a benefit to having thinner than normal units to help you force large hordes to go where you want them to.

2. Combat reforms allow you to change the centre of the unit, provided no models are moved out of combat that were in combat before the reform. (effectively you slide to maximise)

3. They can only shift if they combat reform. This is true for all sides, not just the unit whoose turn it is.

21-08-2011, 19:26
This shouldn't of happened in the first place. The conditions required to simultaneously charge 2 units were most likely not met. As they are very difficult to satisfy (arguable).

1. With the 1" rule taken into consideration a 12 vs 10 charge most likely won't contact both. Additionally an argument can be made that you wouldn't maximize to avoid the double charge. See pg 18.

2. Effectively there will be no combat reforms in this case. Because any reform will take models out of combat that were in combat , violating one of the two restrictions of combat reforms.

Also you do not have to maximize equally on the charge like TUB has said. When 1 unit is charging 2 units is not the same as 2 units charging one which is the mistake he is making.

22-08-2011, 18:34
Pretty much as Yrrdead says.

1) An inch is 25.4mm so a single 25mm base could not contact by that huge 0.4mm remaining gap. Unless all models in the front rank charging unit are greater then 25mm then moving models around can solve problem, if not RAI is to move the charging and contacting units so the contact does not happen. The only time the 1" rule does not apply is during charge moves, so next time 3rd unit moves it either has to charge or increase gap to 1".

22-08-2011, 21:33
Just an additional tidbit I just found.

Q: If I can only maximise the number of models fighting by contacting another enemy unit, must I declare a charge against that unit? (pg20)
A: No.