View Full Version : TK Chariots and Look Out Sir

21-08-2011, 19:29
So, I'm a little curious as to how people are handling Look Out for characters on chariots in chariot unit.

The relevant rules are on page 99 and 105. In short form:

-If a character is in a unit of 5+ models of the same type, he gets Look Out Sir.
-If a character is in a chariot, both he and the chariot count as unit type chariot.
-If a template hits the chariot's base, both character and mount are hit.

So, lets say a King on a chariot is in a unit of chariots, and he get hit by a cannon. Would you:

A: The Kings chariot is hit, king gets look out roll. If he passes, a Rank and File chariot in the unit is hit, so that both the King's chariot and a RnF Chariot are hit.
B: One look out roll, if passed, one RnF chariot is hit; if failed both King and King's Chariot are hit.
C: Something else?

22-08-2011, 05:37
B) for me.

We've played the King and his ride as a single model with two parts.