View Full Version : Relatively new to 8th- Orc/gobbo 2000pt for tourney

22-08-2011, 00:56
Hey, I've played a lot of 6th and 7th but only a little bit of 8th, going to my second tourney, first time with my orcs, here's what I was gonna go with:

-Orc Great Shaman with Talisman of Preservation (in bunker)

-2x NG big bosses with GW and Light Armour (in spears)
-NG BsB with Banner of Eternal Flame+ LA and shield (in bunker or where needed)
-NG Shaman, lvl 2, Dispel Scroll, Ironcurse Icon (spears or Biguns)
-Goblin Big Boss on Spider with LA, Enchanted Shield, Luck Stone, Potion of Foolhardiness (Spiders)

50x Orc Biguns with Shields, FC , banner of swiftness
90 NG spears, nets, FC
40 NG shields, FC (bunker)
5 Spider Riders with Musician

Spear Chukkah

6 River Trolls
Rock Lobbah with Bully

any comments welcome

Jack of Blades
22-08-2011, 01:04
I say drop some NGs to add 2 more Trolls, splitting them into 2 units of 4. You also don't really need fifty Big 'Uns in a unit - 40 is enough but turn them into Savage Orcs. With 40 Savage Orc Big 'Uns and two units of 4 Trolls, you'll have three solid units - if you also had an additional element of hittiness (like a boar chariot/pair of pump wagons) this list would be full of solid units supported by dangerous stuff, as it is this list is an ok anvil (due to the relatively low leadership of its general meaning that not even re-rollable steadfast guarantees you'll stay in combat) but somewhat lacks a hammer aspect. Also drop the shields on the 40 NGs and give them bows.

My advice is not golden gospel. I would wait for a seasoned O&G player to chime in before making changes - but I do believe what I said is still useful.

22-08-2011, 17:28

1. I only have 6 trolls, it's ussually not a problem to get all 3 into a frontage and it can handle casualties more. Do u find that units of 4 hold their strength and can inflict solid damage?

2. Is 40 enuff big un's? I am concerned they will take a fair number of casualties and not have enuff to put out the 31 S 5 attacks I want in the first turn. I kinda considered the Big uns to be a solid fighting unit, are they not considered a hard hitting unit?

3. I like the idea of a chariot for additional hitting power, I look into dropping some big uns or NG's, maybe the spear chukkah to get one in.

4. I put shields on the NG bunker as I was concerned I wouln't be able to shoot anythign with the main blocks in front. I'll consider it, I do have the models!