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22-08-2011, 11:56
Been playing DoC for a few months now and am looking at getting a list together for a tournament.
Please be as critical as you like (I'd expect and want no less).

Bloodthirster - 545
Armour of Khorne, Dark Insanity, Immortal Fury

HoT - 185
Disk, MoS, Spell Breaker

HoT - 140
Spell Breaker

HoK - 115
Armour of Khorne

HoN - 140
Stream of Bile

Bloodletters - 246
x 18, Full Command

Bloodletters - 234
x 17, Full Command

Plaguebearers - 223
x 14, Full Command, Standard of Seeping Decay

Pink Horrors - 165
x 11, Full Command, Icon of Sorcery

Bloodcrushers - 285
x 3, Full Command, Icon of Endless War

Fiend of Slannesh - 110
x 2

My aim is to run all of the Heralds in the respective units (HoK goes in the 17 unit) with the HoT with disk keeping mobile. Fiends and to a lesser degree the Bloodcrushers are there to protect my flanks, the main aim of the Plagebearers is as a blocking unit as with the 4+ regen and re-roll to wounds I am counting on them being hard to shift. Horrors will advance with the Bloodletters, marching where required as this will not stop them casting. Obviously the Bloodthirster will aim to get into combat as quixkly as possible and hope that he doesn't get bogged down, this is why I went for Dark Insanity twinned with Immortal Fury as I hope there is a gopd chance to demolisha unit or character in one round!

22-08-2011, 14:30
a few points:

* you lack shooting, you'll want some flamers
* Give the second HoTz MOS too. Also, wich lores are you going to give them? (I'd say one with life, and the other depends on wich metagame you're expecting, but Death or Metal come to mind)
* You're missing out on one of the biggest weapons in the book!! HoS with Siren Song!!
* Not really a fan of Crushers (altough they look awesome). Fiends do their job better at less points. Drop them for the Flamers and ass some lesser deamons (Switch plaguebearers for D'nettes to support the Siren Song HOS and up them to about 20).
* Join the Bloodletter units, splitting them up like this will only end up in one getting shot, and the other being dealt with (or ignored).

This will probally make your army pretty cheesy...But hey... It are the 'best' units! :)

22-08-2011, 14:46
I did want to run both HoT with Mastery (I normally go for Shadow or Life) but without loosing somthing of the other Heralds I can't get it into the 25%. I didn't want to combine the letters into one block as it gives my enemy only one unit to slow up in combat and reduces my flexability.
Bloodcrushers are one of my fav units (yes the do look cool) and the extra armour saves with the MR too makes for a durable unit, the Fiends are my war machine hunters and if I am heading their way I hope the war machines will target them rather than somthing else!
I am not a fan of Daemonettes as I find they die all to easily, I have ever really used them as a cannon fodder unit, I know that Plaguebearers are panned by most people in 8th, but I have found themone of the most durable units once in combat (as long at hey are Heralded of course).
I did want to get Flamers in but just can't justify dropping anything else.

One thing that I was concidering was to find some way of increasing the horror block and adding The Changeling in, the only was I can see would be drop the HoT on the disk and to reduce the letters. What are your thoughts on the large Horror blocks?

22-08-2011, 14:53
don't do them. Ever. that's my idea. I know there are people who like a few small horror blocks, or one larger one. My idea: They simple do not give back enough Victory points to justify them.

Trust me, you'll want to have Siren Song herald in there. Just use cover and terrain to block sight untill your Fiends have whooped the war machines (wich should be by turn 2-3 against most armies, as they've got a "10 move).

True that the bigger B'letter block might have less flexibility... but there are many advantages to taking a big block. One of the biggest might be that shooting 18 models with ONLY a 5+ save isn't that big of a deal for some armies. And then you'll lose 250 points to them. Where the bigger block will lose half it's unit, but still have enough B'letters to kick some a** in CC

22-08-2011, 14:57
I see your point about the letters, I could combine them and give the the Icon of Endless War go get into combat faster, the extra D6 charge can sometimes come off nicely. May try running the HoS in a few games before she "earns" the place in the list. I've always avoided Slannesh for the most part (except Fields) and had not considered put in a Herald without the unit.

22-08-2011, 15:02
Think about what she can do:

- Make units charge them (failed charge) so another of your units can flank-charge the unit

- make shooty units charge (so they can't shoot in the combat phase.

- make his deathstar unit charge them so it can't charge your Bloodletter unit (this is for unit's against wich you'll lose)

just 3 litle things that came to mind.
Also, Deamonettes aren't THAT bad, Personally They're my second favorite unit in the book. They've got 2 attacks with armour piercing. With a HoS they'll ASF them, and don't forget, with ASF and their Initiative of 5 it'll mean that they'll re-roll failed to hit against most (if not almost all) enemies. (except those rare few units with I6)

23-08-2011, 15:14
:skull: Right, after a re-think I've come up with an alternative to my initial list:

Bloodthirster 545
Dark Insanity; Armour of Khorne; Immortal Fury

HoT - 185
Disc; Master of Sorcery; Spell Breaker

HoK - 115
Armour of Khorne

HoN - 150
Stream of Bile; Slime Trail

HoS - 115
Siren Song

Bloodletters - 403
x 29; Full Command; Icon of Endless War

Plaguebearers - 403
x 29; Full Command; Standard of Seeping Decay

Daemonettes - 198
x 14; Fill Command

Bloodcrushers - 285
x 3; Full Command; Icon of Endless War