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22-08-2011, 14:18
I'm new to Fantasy, been playing 40k for a few months now and looking to start with Skaven, mainly drawn in by the stormvermin and clan skyre creations.

I've come up with the following as a rough 2000 point list:

Ikit Claw
Warlock Engineer (lvl 1, warp energy condenser, dispel scroll, charmed shield)
Warlock Engineer (lvl 1, warp energy condenser, warpstone token, sceptre of stability)
Chieftain (BSB, grand banner of clan superiority)

30x Stormvermin (standard, musician, fang leader) with attached ratling gun
30x Stormvermin (standard - Stormbanner, musician, fangleader) with attached ratling gun

35x Slaves
35x Slaves

10x Poison Wind Globadiers (bombardier with deathglobe) with attached poinsoned wind mortar
3x Jezzail teams

Warp Lightning Cannon
Warp Lightning Cannon

I did get confused between the rule book's % restrictions and the army books number restrictions, but I hope I got it sorted.

Something else that enticed me to Skaven was the new FW Vermin Lord. So with a simple tweak (dropping the BSB, Ikit and the charmed shield) I could also fit in the army list vermin lord for a bit of fun.

The look I was going for was mainly Clan Skyre with Stormvermin as the main blocks of troops, backed by the workshop slaves. I'm not aiming for any tournaments and will mainly be playing my friends Undead (VC) or Dark Elves.

Any thoughts or tips people could offer?

22-08-2011, 14:30
The rule book's %/number restrictions are the only ones that count. You can ignore the army book's number restrictions as it states in the errata you can find on the gamesworkshop website.

You may find it more beneficial to split the Poison Wind Globadiers into two units of 5. It will give you a more flexible shooting base.

3 jezzails are unlikely to cause as much damage as you may want. They are also easy to kill and little more then a redirector. You would need 10 or more in the list to truely scare high armor save targets. The points spent on them would be better served upgrading the ratling gun teams to warp fire thrower teams. With the large blocks of slaves to anchor units in place the warp fire throwers get extremely deadly.

Just a few thoughts

22-08-2011, 14:43
do stormvermin count as core?

if not i feel you might be under the % cap for core with just slaves as they are only coming in at 180 or so points.

22-08-2011, 19:06
I agree with Morax, the jezzails need to be bigger units, or just drop them all together. The warp energy condenser is a magic item, so you can only have one, unless I missed it in the FAQ. I would also say you don't need 2 warplock engineers, but that's a preference thing.

Overall, this army is SMALL. You need more bodies. If you dropped the Jezzails and one unit of storm vermin, you could fit 2 units of clanrats in, and probably some weapon teams.

23-08-2011, 10:38
Not too bad of a list so far just a few things.

1. Drop the Jezzails, 3 shots hitting on 4's or 5's won't do anything significant, and for their points you could get a block of 30 slaves.

2. Split the Globadiers, allows more mobility and means that they cant all get killed by the same spell or magic attack. Which means if both units do eventually get killed, then our opponents wasted 2 units of shooting or 2 spells to do it = success for you.

3. I'd drop one of the stormvermin units and make the other a 40 strong block then spend the left over points on some clanrats

4. Ratling guns are probably the worst thing in your weapon team arsenal, try and swap them for warpfire throwers.

5. Nice theme.