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22-08-2011, 21:57
Hey Guys,

I've been putting together a Skaven list and this is how things look so far:






Clanrats x40 - Spears and Shields, Standard bearer, Weapons Team.

Clanrats x40 - Spears and Shields, Standard bearer, Weapons Team.

Slaves x40

Slaves x40

Stormvermin x40 - Shields, Standard bearer, Weapons Team.

Rat Swarms x4


Plague Monks x40 - Standard bearer.



I've only started with the fundamentals of my list by focusing on my core units, but to make this a viable army for a 2000pts battle then I am going to need some help filling in the gaps and covering all bases. What I've come up with so far leaves me with little over 500pts left to field a general plus any other goodies that I might want/need.

What do you guys think I should take next? Should I drop some of the units I have picked in my list and put the points to better use?? Is anyone able to help???


23-08-2011, 10:07
Well, thats a lot of bodies on the field!

You'll need a Grey Seer at 2000 points, who might as well be the general. You'll also need a BSB, and give them both something to keep them alive.

After that, you'll be left a couple of hundred to play with.

What weapons teams do you want? I'd suggest something good against heavier targets or armour, since your list wont be brimming with cannons and doomwheels.

23-08-2011, 10:51
Agree with the above.
My favourite weapon team is the globe mortar, it's just deadly sometimes.
Warpfire throwers kick ass too.

Definitely get a grey seer, and you need a BSB of course.

I'd drop the rat swarms, they're pretty useless and you can (I think) get a WLC for the cost - which will be infinitely more effective.