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22-08-2011, 22:43
Hi all.

Quick question:

Can you lose the points gained for standard bearers dying, or is this a bonus that is permanent for the player in that game?


THE \/ince

22-08-2011, 22:49
It is permanent unlike in 7th where you could essentially "recapture" your colors. Which I just recently had pointed out to me.

Siezed Standards
You score an additional 25 victory points for every enemy standard bearer that was removed due to the Last Stand rule (see page 94), or was slain in close combat(remember this can only happen once the rest of his unit, except the champion, are dead). If the enemy Battle Standard Bearer is slain under these circumstances, his death instead scores an additional 100 victory points.

22-08-2011, 22:52
Thanks Yrrdead.

THE \/ince

23-08-2011, 23:30
I actually miss recapturing banners. I had one of my units capture its own banner back and put it once more in its rightful place back in 6th. Still, keeping track of what unit was carrying which unit's banner did get tedious. I can see why they changed it.

23-08-2011, 23:46
Given you actually lose the standard-bearing models instantly in 8th - whereas in 7th you could break and would have to find a spare model to swap out the banner-bearer - it's actually easier to keep track of in 8th.

Then again, the biggest problem in 7th wasn't so much which unit captured the banner, but whether it was the unit or a character in that unit who kept it when they separated. I think the victory points simply measure the shame for having lost the thing at all, whether it was recaptured or not.