View Full Version : 1.5k O/G against WOC

24-08-2011, 11:52
I`m playing a tourneymatch against WOC soon. What units should i use? I can use one extra special and rarechoce if needed, but dont think that would matter.
We roll for scenarios.
My main consern for the match is primary to deny him a victory, as he gets no points for the further camaign if he doesn`t win this(he only has one battle this turn and they get extra points for wins but none for draws or losses), while i got 3 matches to make my points in. So im happy by winning and with a draw. but it only takes 100p to loose so i cant rely to much on massive steadfast blocks, their o/g anyway. I fear his magic the most. We can powergame as much as needed, and against WOC with o/g i dont have any guilt over doing it. He will probably tool his list as well for beating me so..

my first thoughts was:
level 4 orc or goblin shaman w/tougnesspot, shivers hex scroll to throw at his level two if he has, else to try to be lucky with the casterlord. and then bombard him with doomdivers if hes on discs (i suspect him to, based on 1 prior meeting, hope im not wrong)
level 2 goblin shaman dispel scroll
a bigboss with +1 ld banner. Probably a blackorc.

Specialcharacters are allowed.

core; huge goblinunit with 1-3 fanatics, netters and full command. put all characters in here.
5 wolfriders w short bows(hunt dogs)
3(/4)x1 squig herds, 9 herders 1 squig to divert and control deployment.
1 bolter
some chariots if i can afford em

2 doomdivers
1 rocklobber
2 manglers

Alternatively i`ll field a Big BO unit with Grimgor and a level two dispel + a huge steadfast nightgoblinunit. The latter maybe more fun to play against, but probably harder to win with.
Suggestions? (got most units awailable in my inventory so got no limits within 1.5k)