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24-08-2011, 12:58
Hi all, decided to start my first modelling/painting blog on here to showcase the progress of my new Alpha Legion army.

The army is Heresy-era, just after siding with Horus so will have a largely Imperial style but with signs of turning renegade (though nothing to indicate worship of Chaos, as that isn't their style). The army is also based on the Tyrant's Legion army list from Imperial Armour 9 so features a mix of Space Marines and Guard who will act the part of an Imperial Army regiment, the Ikthian 44th 'Iron Skulls', who have been persuaded by the Legion to fight for them against the loyalists who they assume are traitors to the Emperor.

I plan to paint up a 1k point force of mostly Imperial Army, then expand to 1.5k with Legionnaires and then on to 2k with some elite Marines.

These are the first models I've painted, still in need of basing. They are four members of my Army command squad, a test model for my mercenary marauder squad, the 'War B*stards' and Chief Medic Shalke and his servitor assistants who counts as a corpse taker in the army list.

Opinions most welcome, and I hope to update this blog as frequently as possible!


24-08-2011, 21:39
Try adding some shades and highlights to your colours, it will make them look a lot better. The conversion are pretty cool though! :)

24-08-2011, 22:08
Yeah my Apothecary is still awaiting highlights. I've done some, but they don't show through the necron abyss yet. He's also been washed with watered chaos black but a lot of that gets lost in the deep blue as well, though it comes out on the servos.

I'm thinking of redoing the fatigues on the command squad too, seems a little too bright for 40k urban camo so I might redo it with a darker grey motif.

Thanks again for the comments.


13-09-2011, 16:53
Hi all,
Haven't updated the thread in a little while. Been pre-occupied/suffered an injury to my painting hand so haven't been doing too much hobby lately!

Anyway, here's a few new models for your enjoyment. First up I re-highlighted my apothecary to bring out the blue of his armour a little better.

Secondly, I've built the human members of my mercenary squad, the 'War B*stards'. Basic kit-bash of Catachan jungle fighter and command squad sprues and some Cadian stuff for good measure. Can't wait to paint these guys, they have loads of personality already!

Oh, I also have my Alpha Legion lieutenant who acts as interim commander when the captain isn't about. He's quite basic and unadorned with decoration, as befits a Legionnaire. Just a simple MkV Forgeworld model with a company champion helmet, Space Wolf pads, a combi-melta and the sheathed sword from Sevrin Loth.


13-09-2011, 17:10
I've also just finished my two Leman Russ tanks.
Short on funds one of these was an eBay job originally painted in Legion of the Damned (hence the green stuffed flames on the turret) and the second was an old, beat-up Exterminator with a broken turret.

My work-around to revamp the models was to incorporate the flame pattern into the tank's character so it has been dubbed 'Forgefire'. For the old Exterminator, since that isn't an option in the Tyrant's Legion list, I repaired the turret and added a new cannon fashioned from an old metal demolisher cannon and a spare barrel from the Stormlord/Shadowsword kit. This uses the same rules for the battlecannon but I'm saying its an experimental, Heresy-era weapon that either wasn't carried on or was lost in the last 10,000 years. This tank I've called 'Warmonger'. Being from the Ikthian 'Iron Skulls' regiment, both tanks have an iron skull mascot on their turret tops too.

The colour scheme I chose works in two ways. 1: I needed a blueish colour scheme to tie the Imperial Army regiment to the Alpha Legion and 2: I wanted an urban theme for my army and this is a straight reproduction of one of GW's urban camo schemes. Mine is painted chaos black with necron abyss highlights with a zig-zag banding painted necron abyss, then enchanted blue and highlighted with space wolf grey. Then I weathered it with devlan mud for the run-off on the hatches and rivets and an adeptus battlegrey wash/codex grey drybrush for the urban dust.

More to follow as and when I paint them!
Thanks for looking!


05-10-2011, 21:01
Just finished my mercenary marauder squad, the'War B*****ds'.
For those without a copy of Imperial Armour IX, this squad is a marauder squad, an Elite choice, essentially a guard squad with an extra point of Ld, WS and A as well as Furious Charge and Scout. They also have the option, which I have taken, to be accompanied by a Brute which is an ogryn-sized model with rending combat weapons (represented in my squad by the Inquisitor henchman Krieger Thraxx model.

I've painted this squad up in an urban camo scheme but in greys and blacks to detach them from the Imperial Army units who wear blue and grey camo. I've also made sure they're not too uniformed, putting camo on alternate pieces of clothing/armour for each model, though sticking to a set palette to keep the squad unified. I've used scab red as a spot colour to catch the eye and break up the dark and muted colour scheme.

Next on the agenda is the Chimera for this squad and then its onto the Imperial Army before finishing off with the Alpha Legion squads.