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24-08-2011, 11:58
I'm in the process of building a Skaven army and I'm looking for some feedback from more experienced players. I already have about 1/2 of the models in the list + Craventail, Spinetail, Ikit, Queek, Thanquol & Boneripper and the GD Chieftain.
I'm largely interested in feedback on unit sizes and equipment.

Grey Seer: Screaming Bell, Warpstone Tokens, Ironcurse Icon, Shadow Magnet Trinket

Warlock Engineer: LVL1, Doom Rocket, Warp Energy Condenser, Warplock Pistol

Warlock Engineer: Skavenbrew

Chieftain: BSB, Shield, Banner of the Horned Rat

2x Skaven Slaves (50): musician, shields

2x Clan Rats (40): full command, shields, PWM

Rat Ogres (6) / Pack Masters (3) (includes Skweel Gnawtooth)

2x PCC
2x WLC


I'm not really sold on the 2nd unit of Slaves but I think I need the bodies???
The Skavenbrew Engineer will go with one of the CR units on a flank, the other chars will be centerline in the CR unit pushing the Bell around. The basic plan is to keep the units grinding while the war machines blast the crap out of the opposition and the GS goes nuts.
Between The PWMs and the PCCs I should be able to force a few LD checks, the BSB might help out with that (that's the main reason I chose the banner).

Looking forward to some feedback and tactics:angel:


PS: no HPA...cause I like my friends

24-08-2011, 18:42
I would drop the shadow magnet trinket- replace it with a dispel scroll-

Not sure about skavenbrew- I generally think it is good on horde unit, or stormvermin- but for clanrats 50pts is a lot to give them hatred or frenzy-

Your BSB is risky- players who know skaven always target the BSB first, followed by skaven characters- as they know once the leadership is gone the skaven run away- also generally you aren't going to be winning combat (minus the rat ogres) so making your opponent -1 ld won't do much-

Give the BSB a 2+ armor sv, or 4+ ward-

24-08-2011, 19:47
Mmmm...well, I'm not married to the Shadow Magnet; the Scroll might help more.

Chieftain: BSB, Talisman of Pres, Enchanted Shield (3+/4++)

This would leave me with enough points to afford 6 more Clan Rats.

Is the not winning CC that much of an issue? Speaking from my WoC point of view, I never had problems with the Skaven units. It were always the magic and the rare choices that were the problem.
Aren't the units already big enough for tarpitting for a few rounds?


29-08-2011, 23:01
I think your units are in a really awkward size. Against rly tough horde running armies like dwarves, lizards, etc you are going to be ripped to pieces the first round of combat even if your shooting goes well. Against rly big shooty armies your going to receive a lot more punishment than you can dish out in return unfortunately. I run my armies with at least one really huge unit (60+ at a minimum) and several 20-40 man units to handle the opponents smaller or less nasty units. Furthermore I'd consider taking a little less shooting :P it is not super reliable although it can be nasty, but it also isn't that fun to play against.

I had a cannon misfire and land the S10 template on my horde of monks first round. Dropped them from 40 to 17. . .

30-08-2011, 22:27
I saw your list in the skaven tactics thread, so go take a look there if you want to see what I thought :P

31-08-2011, 15:23
Thanks for the input:yes:

Did some thinking:

Grey Seer: Screaming Bell,Dragonhelm, Dispel Scroll, Skalm, Fencer's Blades (very expensive but as resilent as I could make him; Eshin trained Grey Seer FTW)
Warlock Engineer: LVL1, Doom Rocket, Warp Energy Condenser

2x Skaven Slaves (50): musician, shields
Clan Rats (42): full command, shields, WFT
Clan Rats (40): musician, standard, shields, PWM

Rat Ogres (8) with master bred/ Pack Masters (3)
2x Gutter Runners (6): poisoned attacks, slings

2x DoomWheel
2x WLC

exactly 2500

Hmmm, I guess I could swap the slaves' shields for 25 additional slaves. 65/60 slaves per unit would keep them grinding for some time I guess; needs more pondering *headscratching*
Well, at least I've just finished the first 48 skink slaves...but I'm really not THAT hot on painting 77 more. ARGH!


31-08-2011, 17:28
That list looks better.

Anywho, you'll find that the doom wheel is kinda hit or miss. It's dependant on good targets to fire on and it's random movement. If one fail, he won't accomplish much, on the other hand if he gets into a good position and finds a good target he earns his points back easily.

What I'm trying to say is; running two is a bit excessive (unless you're really afraid of some specific larger, as in 'bigger', units in the front of the enemy battle line). You'll find that it's hard to find good positions for both, because of their random movement, and because they have a big impact on your side of the battlefield - ie you can't position your juicy units next to one, since it will kill it, but they still need a lot of support or they'll succumb easily to the enemy (since they're hard, or very random atleast, to control). It's hard to illustrate what I'm really saying here but I hope you get the idea. I've tested two in my list for a long time untill I realized what didn't quite work optimally :)

Instead of it I would bolster both of your gutter runners to nine (as I've covered in the Skaven tactics thread) and try fitting in that warlock engineer with brass orb and pistol. With a seer on bell, you really need to get rid of cannons! Additionally, he's actually better at dealing with monsters than the doom wheel since they usually have a low initiative.

And I can assure you that the extra bodies are better than shields on the slaves, but running two units of 60 is also excessive. I think it's better to run two units of 50 and one units of 30, or go with 3 units of 40 - here I can guide you no more since it's a matter of preferance! :D

I'm putting my list in these forums if you want a sneak'a'peak... :rolleyes:

06-09-2011, 00:11
OK, did some thinking and numbers crunching and I think I've struck a balance between numbers and cool stuff. I kicked the Doomwheels (I'll use them in larger games) and took the BSB back; redundancy is something I'm not really ready to let go (and I really suck at LD tests).

Grey Seer: Screaming Bell, Dispel Scroll, Skalm, Fencer's Blades
Warlock Engineer: LVL1, Doom Rocket, Warp Energy Condenser
Warlock Engineer: Brass Orb, Warplock Pistol
Chieftain: BSB, Shield, Banner of the Under Empire

Skaven Slaves (50): musician
Clan Rats (40): full command, shields, WFT
Clan Rats (20): PWM
Clan Rats (20): PWM
Giant Rats (40) / Packmasters (5)

Rat Ogres (8) (masterbred) / Packmasters (3)
Gutter Runners (9): poisoned attacks, slings
Gutter Runners (9): poisoned attacks, slings


Imp of High Noon
06-09-2011, 03:00
I also like to run my seer with the fencers blades, as the screamin bell is a fairly dangerous place to stand, Skalm for the same reason again and finally the 'earthing rod' which is a good way to not explode the seer, the bell or the unit pushing both, when you throw all those dice down to get off the dreaded 13 on a unit of witch elves heading straight for you!