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24-08-2011, 15:18
Captain, sword of swift striking, full plate armour, charmed shield, ring of volans-133
Battle Wizard, level 2, dragon bow, beasts-125
Warrior Priest, armour of metoric iron, dawnstone, great weapon-144

39 halberds, cull command-215
49 free company-245
2x10 crossbows-160
39 greatswords, full command-420

I have some knights of the white wolf and a mounted middenheim captain but that's the extent of my collection thus far. A few notes:

It's a campaign so the ring of volans has to stay somewhere as it's an old item from a dead warrior priest. No lords allowed.

I'm fighting vamps a lot and at 1k he uses vampire with +1W, heavy armour, shield and regen banner (can a bsb be the general if he's the only character by the way?) big unit of skellies, fair sized grave guard bodyguard for the vamp and a bloody terrorgheist (nothing terrifying about it really :P). His character is what's causing me the most grief, suggestions?

My meta has minimal ranged armies, and in this campaign there's:
Ogres, vamps, skaven, WoC, beasts, dwarfs, tomb kings

As a theme I'm keeping black powder to a minimum (the mortar is a halfling hotpot), it's also a mercenary army, any ideas? I'm new to empire too so tactics would be helpful, thanks.

Von Wibble
24-08-2011, 18:48
Afaik, with the exception of a Slann, the BSB cannot be the general. At any rate, a vampire counts bsb certainly can't be.

The dragon bow is not particularly good on a low BS model. Rod of Power is a much nicer item for him, Van Horstmann's another possibility if you are worried about characters - but that is a big risk.

Personally I would not recommend free company as a parent unit as they have no armour at all. I would think 2 parent units should be sufficient and use free company as detachments. The crossbowmen should also be detachments.

I would look at getting banner of eternal flame for your greatswords to deal with regeneration.

If characters on monsters are the main problem then black powder restriction or no, a cannon is your best choice.

26-08-2011, 13:30
Wibble has it right, just want to say that a cannon is a must, you have nothing to deal with high T multi wound enemies and if someone brings a monster you'll be pissing yourself.

26-08-2011, 17:30
Adding up the points listed you are 17 pts over. Droping some free company would readdress that if you do nothing else.

Black powder is how the empire handles just about everything. That being said magic and numbers can get the job done if you have the right stuff and enough of each. I'd drop the dragon bow, its just too expensive as it is and made worse by the BS3 of the mage, and move the ring of volans to the mage.

That would free up 25 or so points, with them I would swap the captain for a Warrior Priest with armor of silvered steel and great weapon. You would then have one warrior priest to lead the halberdiers and one to lead the greatswordsmen. At 1500 that should give those pesky Vampire counts pause.

As to needing a cannon you could use one but it isn't absolutely essential at this point level. That tomb kings player could take a warsphinx which would prove hard to handle and the ogres will be able to take a stone horn soon but other then that you should be able to cut things down to size with your combat hordes.

26-08-2011, 19:01
Free company aren't able to be a parent unit, as far as I know. I've not got my book handy at the moment, so I may be wrong, but I'm 90% certain.

THE \/ince

Dark Aly
27-08-2011, 01:50
I would also look at finding 25 points (look at the dragon bow) to upgrade your captain to a BSB and have the priest as the general.