View Full Version : 1000 pts ghoul vampires

24-08-2011, 20:03
hi all

just finished building my first ghoul vampire list. Since this is my first attempt at vampires i really could use some help with them.

heroes :
vampire - summon ghouls, blood drinker, seed of rebirth
necromancer - dispell scroll

skeleton warriors 24 - spears (go with the necromancer)
ghouls 24 - (go with vampire)


list is made without the army book -im at work atm- so excuse me if i made a few mistakes in the point costs

Dark Aly
24-08-2011, 20:18
Varghulfs are more than 125 pints each and so you can't fit 2 in 1000 points.

I'd also be tempted to drop the dispel scroll and take Van Hel's dance macabre instead.

With the points from the one varghulf I'd get another unit of ghouls as theres not much theme units at the moment. I'd also loose the spears and get a banner on the skellys and if they are a bunker for the necro then reduse them to about 20 and add more ghouls.

EDIT- Also fluffy but could be great at this points level- you could drop both varghulfs for a terrorghiest :)