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24-08-2011, 21:57
So how do run Censor bearers nowadays? I think a big unit with a plague priest w/ Shadow magic trinket, flail, iron curse icon. 10+ censor bearers w/ death frenzy or something on them would absolutely maul a unit, even if they don't break them, that is almost 50 str 5(6) attacks and then the toughness tests too!

Nice Kans
24-08-2011, 23:48
I would cringe to see 3+ of them die from gas every turn + return attacks.

25-08-2011, 00:34
I find 8 to be a good number-

I've run up to 10 before-

I've found that with 10 you end up delivering all attacks from the front 5 (usually 5 of them are killed one way or the other)

25-08-2011, 05:25
They're just not that great a unit sadly with the low Initiative.
And the chance of losing some to your one poisons would, of course, be very high when you have so many. But yes, their damage output would be very high I imagine.

I'd try a few games using proxies to represent them before you actually buy a bunch. And if you already have the models just give it a go.

25-08-2011, 15:06
I agree with most posts here but I would add that PCBs are best utilized in a seven wide formation (7 also being the minimum recommended unit size). Seven wide allows you to maximize your attacks against most 20mm based blocks. The influence of Steadfast on 8th ed games means there's a lot more 5+ rank deep blocks on the table top nowadays so a 7 wide PCB unit should have all of its models in BTB contact with enemies most of the time when slamming into a flank (thus maximizing damage). Basically running them any wider than 7 seems like a waste. PCBs in the second rank are really there to serve as wound sponges so the first rank can maximize their damage output when they make contact to the enemy. If any PCBs remain alive in the 2nd rank after gas, shooting, etc. and can lend their supporting attacks to combat then that's just gravy.

Remember, Rank Bonuses & Steadfast are irrelevant to PCBs (unless of course they're in a forest (Stubborn) or you keep them near Plague Monks or the Furnace to take advantage of Plague Disciple special rule). PCBs are all about getting huge CR points in the first round of combat through gas tests, STR5 flail pwnage and charging & flanking bonuses.

Making PCBs Init 4 would solve most of their problems but would probably invite much deserved cries of cheese given their gas tests, 3 STR 5 attacks & Hatred. In any case they're still devastating versus low Init armies like Dwarfs, Lizardmen, Undead, etc. and quite effective versus Init 3, T3 armies.