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25-08-2011, 16:45
Haven't posted in a long while. I'm going to a friendly local tournament soon and would appreciate some advise on my list;

Lore of Life
Level 4
Wand of Wych Elm

Battle Standard Bearer
Asyendi's Bane
Hail of Doom Arrow

Wild Rider Kindred
Elven Steed
The Spear of Twilight
The Helm of the Hunt

Lore of Athel Loren
Level 1
Calaingor's Stave
Seed of Rebirth

Glade Guard x16
Musician ; Standard Bearer
Banner of Eternal Flame

Glade Guard x10
Musician ; Standard Bearer

Dryads x10

Glade Riders x5

Wild Riders of Kurnous x5

Wardancers x10

Tree Kin x6


Total = 2399

Thanks :)

25-08-2011, 19:26
Ok, one of the things i find with woodelves, is that there cavalry is really expensive for its uses. 24pts a glade rider is a rip off TBH. And wild riders are too fragile to do anything. Regular cavalry for other races struggle in 8th anyways :p.

For these reasons, i woudl drop them. This will mean you will need more core. Either 10 glade guard w. Musician and Standard or 10 Dryads with champion will fill the gap.

Also, your charecters. The noble and the spellsinger just aint that great TBH. All of your power dice will be going to lore of life. And, the Noble is obselete without cav. And even so, he isnt that many attacks. well, he gets a few. But he just isnt that good for his points.

The only Noble i could see as useful would be a the following setup;

Noble, Alter Kindred, rageths wildfire baldes, Helm of the hunt, potion of strength

He gets (on the charge) 6 attacks. With potion of ztrength, hes S7, and flaming. I use him as a Monster hunter. He usually targets the usual culprits, Hellpits and Hydras. hes also useful to go in against units with regen, with the treekin. He gets rid of the regen, the treekin finish them off.

Alternativly, try and grab anouther treeman (if you have the model!)

Also, split the wardancers.


01-09-2011, 21:21
That is not a bad list actually.

However the Deepwood sphere may be a better choice than Calaingor's Staff.

Spear of Twilight is KB? The Dawnspear (-1 to hit after a wound) will help the protect the unit.