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25-08-2011, 18:58
Okay, so this is for an all-day bash with a couple of friends, with lots of beer. They'll be playing Lizardmen and Dark Elves, allied together (for some reason).

The list is model-limited for obvious reasons, although I do have some other stuff that isnt in here. EG cavalry, wyverns, arrer boys, lots more artillery.

So, the list..

Lords (962)
Gorbad Ironclaw = 375
Night Goblin Level 4 Shaman, dispel scroll = 200
Goblin Warboss, Gigantic Spider, Light Armour, Shield, Spear, Dragonhelm = 137
Orc Great Shaman, Level 4, Feedback Scroll = 250

Core (2380)
50 Orc Boys, Big’Uns, Shields, Full Command, Banner of Eternal Flame = 495
50 Orc Boys, Big’Uns, Shields, Full Command = 495
50 Orc Boys, Big’Uns, Shields, Full Command = 495
50 Night Goblins, Shields, Nets, 2 Fanatics, Full Command = 275
50 Night Goblins, Shields, Nets, 2 Fanatics, Full Command = 275
50 Night Goblins, Shields, Nets, 2 Fanatics, Full Command = 275
5 Wolf Riders, spears, shields, musician = 70

Special (2130)
50 Black Orcs, Full Command, Banner of Swiftness = 650
6 Boar Chariots = 510
2 Wolf Chariots = 100
18 Trolls = 630
Squig herd, 24 Squigs, 16 Goblins = 240

Rare (570)
2 Mangler Squigs = 130
Giant = 200
3 Doom Divers = 240

= 6022 points
+ 440ish models.

The plan is pretty simple: Try not to get ripped apart by magic, charge forward and smash them in combat. With that in mind, should I go for double hand weapons on the orcs instead of shields? (Minor proxying like this is fine among my group). Obviously I'm not after a min-maxed list here, just something that will stand a chance against a magic-heavy enemy with 3 Hydras and 2 Carnosaurs.

All comments welcome.

29-08-2011, 11:39
Nothing at all? Oh well! I guess the list is okay then :P

29-08-2011, 12:23
it's difficult to comment on high points lists as you've covered most options and like you said you're model limited.

you've obviously gone a certain way with Gorbad and the multiple orc biguns, fair enough, your presumably going to be tight for space on the battlefield so might as well up the quality rather than quantity where you can. however gorbad is going to stick out a lot in the middle of a load of infantry and isn't hugely survivable so don't know its really worth it.

i assume the use of the goblin warboss is to baby sit the trolls?

i wouldn't load up all my magic into just two casters, would definitely use multiple n.gob shamens.

considering your plan is to move forward rapidly i think you've got too many fanatics (and manglers even), they're are going to be a hazard to yourself as much as the enemy, probably more considering they'll get drawn out very early, esp if your opponents are planning to sit back and magic you to death anyway. i'd be inclined to drop all of them and take a few rock lobbers which will be gold in a packed table and can also take down the monsters, which I think you'll struggle against as it stands.