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10-04-2006, 08:23
Would ultra's make use of drop pods i.e is it in the codex astrtes??? Also do they use rhinos and razorbacks often? Im just need some tips for my army!;)

10-04-2006, 12:13
Drop pods are a universal Space Marine feature, although they are likely less used than Thunderhawks due to the inherent riskiness of these deployments. Drop pods are used for emergency combat drops, or for time sensitive shock assaults, where the aim is to hit the defenders before they can co-ordinate a response.
If the Space Marines are not required to instantly deploy into combat then they will arrive by Thunderhawk (or by ground-based transport in some cases) since they are less vulnerable during transit.

Similarly, Rhinos and Razorbacks are standard Space Marine equipment. In the case of the Ultramarines, each company maintains sufficient Rhinos to transport all its members. These Rhinos are the standard ground transport. Razorbacks are held in a central pool and attached to strike forces as required. Razorbacks are usually assigned to squads that need extra fire support (such as tactical squads engaging the enemy at close range) and/or in situations where heavy enemy resistance is expected (particularly light armour). In these heavy combat situations, the Razorbacks will be accompanied by Predators and other armoured units to disable enemy armoured support.

I would not expect to see drop pods and armoured vehicles in the same force usually. The only situation where this would normally arise is if a Space Marine force is required to hold an objective until support (usually Imperial Army) arrives, and requires immediate reinforcement. In this case drop pods would be used to dispatch extra units within minutes.

As to vehicles for your troops, Rhinos will be the default choice, and then upgrade to Razorbacks any transports for squads which would need mobile fire support. This will primarily be any troops which will operate away from devastator squads cover, so mainly any elements which will move to engage the enemy at closer quarters.

To answer your query about the Codex Astartes, all of these tactics would be found therein. It is a far more comprehensive and flexible body of work than many people believe. It is designed to cover all the potentials of combat as it pertains to the Adeptus Astartes, not to prescribe a restrictive mandatory way of operating.

Hope this helps you.


11-04-2006, 00:35
Wow thanks for the response. That helped me alot:D