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25-08-2011, 21:55
Some of you may know that my VC list is a little...different...to standard VC lists, as it involves no magic at all...and after a couple of recent games where I've suffered badly to magic (although I did manage to draw one of them...) I was thinking about how I could help it out, but also stay true to the theme. With that in mind I'm considering the following:

My current list is as follows:

Konrad- 145
Wight King BSB, Banner of Drakenhof- 225
Wight King- Steed, Balefire Spike- 100

40 Ghouls- Ghast- 328
20 Skeletons- Full command- 180

26 Grave Guard- Full Command, Banner of the Barrows, Great Weapons- 413
9 Black Knights- Standard, Musician, Banner of Hellish Vigour- 257

Varghulf- 175
Varghulf- 175

Total- 1998

I was thinking about dropping a Varghulf, and scaling back on the Black Knights (or just removing them altogether and either dropping the mounted WK, or dismounting him and sticking him with the infantry), and then with these points adding a Black Coach, and a Corpse Cart or two with Balefire and using any remaining points to beef up other units or chuck in some distracting things like wolves or bats. This would let me potentially reduce the number of power dice on the table, and put a slight modifier against his casting rolls.

That's pretty much it really, better magic defence, but reduced flanking power...any thoughts?

EDIT: Actually, this is probably better off in the Army List section...Mods, you have a PM incoming...

26-08-2011, 00:09
I agree that you need more anti-magic if you are running no magic. If I was making a no magic list it would have a Black Coach(2), at least 2 CC w/Bale(maybe 3), Ghouls and GG both around 50, probably drop the BK's. And probably a Helm (Hey its not magic :P). Possibly a few wraiths for the ghoul horde for a little more punch.

27-08-2011, 06:58
Black Coach is a must for your list. Don't know about Corpse Carts, though. Balefire is nice and all, but how much hitting power are you willing to lose for that modifier? Maybe the mounted WK could go, but I wouldn't drop the cav altogether.

So, certainly take the BC, but CC only if you're desperate.

29-08-2011, 18:46
I would look at how the army is faring before I added the corpse carts. The black coach is close to a wash when compared to a vargulf in combat. D6 impact hits vs. D6 stomp. 3 strength 5 attacks vs. 5 strength 5 attacks. Both are vampires so let your flankers march. The added anti magic the coach brings to the table is almost always worth it, particularly in your list as you are missing any kind of magic defense.

If you are in a meta where teclis and friends are running rampant then yeah go the whole 9 and take the corpse carts as they will be able to give you some kind of magic phase (not sure you want one) and the -2 to cast won't go amiss.