View Full Version : Waaaggh! Grom's Return!

27-08-2011, 01:41
Okay so I decided I wanted to start Orcs & Goblins and I don't want to play a typical army. I want an army that is fun, themed, but still competetive. I want to take an army that most people might find difficult to have success with but I want to use it successfully!

So I finished painting a Goblin Warboss on Gigantic Spider, and I finished gluing together my Arachnarok. After the Arachnarok is painted, I will pick up Grom. The list I have in mind which is 2000 points is this:

Grom: General and Battle Standard Bearer

Goblin Great Shaman: Giant Wolf, Level 4 Wizard, Opal Amulet

Goblin Big Boss: Gigantic Spider, Shield of Ptolos, Dawnstone, Spear, Light Armor

Goblin Big Boss: Giant Spider, Sword of Antiheroes, Dragonhelm, Pidgeon Plucker Pendant, Light Armor, Shield

4 Goblin Big Bosses: Great Weapon

14 Forest Goblin Spider Riders: Full Command (Big Boss on Giant Spider goes here)

14 Goblin Wolf Riders: Full Command, Spears, Shortbows (Great Shaman goes here)

2 x 36 Goblins: Full Command, Spears, Shields, 2 Nasty Skulkers (2 Great Weapon Big Bosses go in each unit)

Goblin Wolf Chariot

Arachnarok Spider

The plan behind the list is to put the goblin infantry in the middle and use the fact that they have 5 models in the front rank each that must have attacks allocated to them to make them a bit more survivable. Plus, 6 S6 attacks coming off of each unit is nice.

Then I run fast flankers down each side like a bear trap, flanking and magicking the enemy to death.

I already used someone else's models to test a similar list and played against a ghoul heavy vampire count army which included banshee and wraith heroes. I rolled good for leadership but rather poorly in combat. I still lost only marginally! The tweaks I made since then by changing out the 2 level 2 night goblin shamans i had in a fanatic shortbow night goblin bunker and putting in a level 4 goblin on a wolf in a unit of fast cavalry.

I am aware this isn't the most competetive list out there, but are there any tweaks I could make that I haven't seen yet that could improve it? Thanks for your input!