View Full Version : Skaven and Seven Sigils

27-08-2011, 04:00
Seven Sigils of Summoning says I can summon any unit and include any upgrades that are not Magic items.

Question 1:If I summon 20 Clanrats(80 pts) and use the option to include a Warpfire Thrower (70 pts) as an upgrade, is this considered legal?

Question 2: If I summon Gutter Runners and use the upgrade for a Deathrunner, am I allowed to take a Weeping Blade, as that is one of the specific upgrades they are allowed, or does it still count as a Magic Item, and thus is disallowed?

Thanks for any answers

27-08-2011, 08:09
Q1: while it isn't transparently obvious that the sigils should allow you to summon two units like this, it isn't specifically disallowed either, so you ought to discuss it with your opponent t before the game begins. Personally, I'd allow it.

Q2: this one is a bit easier — the weeping blade is clearly an upgrade that is also a magic item so the spell does clearly disallow it.