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27-08-2011, 13:02
How many are you allowed in a 2000 point game? My gaming group has a question as to the wording in the book.

Is the max you can have in a 2000 point game 2 scrolls of binding total? Or is it the max you can have is 2 scrolls of binding of the same type? Thus meaning you can have more than two but they just need to be of a different monster...

Examples for clairification:

1. The army uses its SoM points on Scrolls of Binding for 1 Fimir Balefiend, 1 fimir balefiend and 1 pegasus. Is this legal?

3. The army uses it SoM points on Scrolls of Binding for 3 seperate units of Pegaus. legal?

27-08-2011, 13:05
#1 legal

#3 legal in 3000pts or more (grand army)

up to 2 scrolls the same (or 4 in a grand army)

27-08-2011, 15:48
Wow.. I just reread the page.. Its 2 each scroll of binding. mmckeddie is right.. Thanks for the question.. I cleared it up for me. Got to stop believing ppl.