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Time of Madness
27-08-2011, 17:34
Fairly basic list using swordsmen/spearmen as the core of the army.


General of the Empire (General)
- Biting Blade
- Full Plate
- Enchanted Shield
- Holy Relic
- Van Horstman's Speculum
= 187pts

Wizard Lord
- Level 4 Shadow
- Dispel Scroll
- Opal Amulet
= 250ts

Captain of the Empire (BSB)
- Armour of Meteoric Iron
- Dwanstone
= 125pts


38 Swordsmen
***General and BSB Here***
- Full Command
= 253pts

30 Spearmen
- Full Command
- Shields
- Detachment of 10 Archers
= 280pts

30 Spearmen
- Full Command
- Shields
- Detachment of 10 Archers
= 280pts

10 Huntsmen
= 100pts






= 300pts

TOTAL POINTS = 2000pts

I deploy the swordsmen 5 wide with the characters in the center of my deployment. I then generally try to flank the swordsmen on either side with the spearmen giving me a fairly solid battle line.

The 3 mortars usually means I can land a solid hit at least once early in the game.

I use the tank to mop up and support my infantry.

The shadow magic really helps the lowly spearmen/swordsmen in combat.

Anyone like it?
Time of Madness

28-08-2011, 07:46

Decent list i would say. Your core can take on enemy blocks, specially with debuffs from you mage and some casualties from the shooting.

For your General i would consider taking a Arch Lector, its is a bit more points. But the Spectacles will be more effecient. Arch Lector stats suck, so great to combine with spectacles. It has so much extra's if you compare it to a regular general of the empire. Extra dispell dice, the altar with its ward save, the prayers. Arch Lector is a great way to destroy combat chars for me.

Good luck with the list :)

28-08-2011, 10:34
The Arch-Lector is a good idea.

Spearmen, Archers and Foresters are very weak in this edition, and it's a bit unfluffy not to have any Halberdiers particularly if you're sticking with the GotE.

I'd drop the Spearmen and Foresters for 2 big blocks of 40 Halberdiers, or 40 Halberdiers and 40 Spearmen since you have Mindrazor potential.

I'd also strongly consider dropping the Archers for Handgunners or Crossbowmen, whose extra killing power will help them do something before becoming throwaway units.