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27-08-2011, 18:05
So I'm pretty rusty and haven't played since 6th I have a friendly local game guy willing to usher me into the new era tomorrow.

I believe he is either playing TK's or Ogres, not that it matters b/c I can't really adjust my new Elves too much, but i'd like a fighting chance. That said here's the list I came up with, I can adjust troop amounts a bit but I have limited models for my High Elves right now, any advice is welcomed:

Prince on Griffon
20 Lothern Sea Guard w/shields and command
10 Archers w/ command
15 Sword Masters w/ command
5 Ellyrion Reavers w/bows
5 Ellyrion Reavers w/bows
Lion Chariot of Chrace
Lvl 2 Mage

Thanks in advance to any advice, I am far from veteran so I'm sure this is a pretty dumb list ha ha.

27-08-2011, 19:05
Well, at 1500 points you don't have a lot of options for your prince (I like Dragon Armor, Lance, Charmed Shield, and another 5-point item; some people would swap out the Charmed Shield for the 10-point Enchanted Shield), so you should try to protect him as much as possible.

For your mage, I'd recommend the Annulli Crystal and High Magic--Shield of Saphery will be a great help to either your griffon-rider or your Swordmasters, and since OK at least have low-cost spells, Drain Magic could be disproportionately effective.

Put a champion in at least one of your units of Reavers, and use that unit to accompany your prince. If they both charge the same enemy unit, the Reaver champion can accept a challenge, so your Prince can concentrate on killing rank and file. (If the Prince is in combat alone, he'll have to accept a challenge--and with ASF, he is likely to kill an enemy champion before his griffon has a chance to strike, so you lose both the griffon's natural attacks and its thunderstomp)

Personally, I'd recommend adding your archer models to the back of the Seaguard, and proxying them as extra troops, if your opponent is fine with that. The extra 10 spear-carriers will work better with your Swordmasters, Chariot, and Prince than the archers will.

I've seen people on this board talk about a technique for maximizing damage from a chariot while minimizing return attacks--but as I don't use a chariot myself, I don't remember what it was. Something with how co-charging units are aligned, I think. Maybe you want to get the chariot in with just a corner touching?

Did you play High Elves in 6th? As someone who played a lot more 6th than 7th, I can tell you you're going to like Speed of Asuryan and our re-rolled attacks--Swordmasters are a brutal slicing, dicing, death blender. But attrition is much more of a concern now, and it's going to be harder to break most foes. Steadfast means that even if your Swordmasters kill 10-20 models in the first round of combat, the enemy has a good chance of holding. (Also, my favorite thing about post-6th High Elves: no Intrigue at Court! It's a wonderful feeling getting to actually choose your general...)

27-08-2011, 19:35
Awesome advice, I appreciate it.

I'm sure the opponent would be fine with the proxy of the sea guard. Would recommend just 5 across or try to do a horde with them?

As for the prince, should I keep him on the griffon and then simply move the reavers along with him?

I haven't played High Elfs ever, so this ought to be a learning experience for me. I am a dwarf player, and I thought this would be a nice change.