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28-08-2011, 19:19
Soo after playing with Dark Elves for about 2 years and Warriors of Chaos I have grown sick of all the spiky heads on rack blood and gore feel that those army have. So I started to look around for a new army that was not as spiky, and I ended up with the EMPIRE.
I have allways been a fan of themed army's and I wanted my Empire army to have a slightly uncommon feel to it, Sigmar (while being a cool god) is a bit over used and every unit(-ish) have something related to Sigmar in them. But not mine, oh no not a singel comet or warhammer, Im going for the raven and scythe! Skulls are there plenty of allready :P

I have the whritten the fluff and decided on color scheme now only the army remains ^^'

My mostcommon advesary's are Skavens and Vampire Counts and we play on 2500 pts. And now the first draft of my army list:

Wizard Lord-lvl 4-Wizard Staff-Holy Icon- 265pts
General of the Empire-Full plate armor-Shield-Pegasus-Dragonbow- 145pts

Warrior Priest-Full plate armor-Shield-Hammer of Judgement- 121pts
Warrior Priest-Full plate armor-Great Weapon- Barbed Warhorse - 112pts
Captain of the Empire-BSB-Full plate armour-Shield- 85pts

Swordsmen x60-Full Comand- 385pts
Halberdiers x30-Full Comand-Shields- 200pts
Free Company x30- 150pts
Handgunners x30- 240pts

Greatswords x20-Full Comand- 230pts
Knights of the Inner Cirkel x9-Great Weapon's-Full C-294pts
Mortars x2- 150pts

Hellstorm Rocket Battery- 115pts

Total: 2492pts

Now I have some doubs about this list (that's why I came here) Im open to any sudgestions you guys might have allso any ideas or tweaks c:
Im thinking of splitting my handgunners/free company up as either independent units or use them as detatchment.
I know that it lacks magic that's one of my mmain concerns..

Before new ideas and/or critesism comes up; I will not take away my 60 swords men or my Knights with Warrior Preist. I like to have a huge block of infantery taunting and intimedating the enemy, and I like the knights inner cirkel+GW makes them S6 and thats not shabby for a 'umie ^^

And with that said please fire away :)

Von Wibble
28-08-2011, 21:33
Seems fine for magic with a level 4. What lore are you? Death to fit the fluff?

The handgunners definately should split to make it easier for them all to get shots. I'd have them in 3 x 10 as detachments. Same for the free company, but 2 x 15 as detachments - 10 will lose benefit of disruption too quickly.

60 Swordsmen is a lot - I'd knock it down to 50 (which is stil pretty intimidating) and add 2 knights to the inner circle unit. As it is if you lose just 1 model that unit loses its ability to disrupt.

There are 2 things imo compulsory for any empire list - a cannon and a unit of pistoliers. The cannon is about your only weapon against big skaven gribblies, terrorgeists, etc. The pistoliers provide cheap efficient firepower and redirection all in 1 handy package. To get the points for 1 of these you could drop 10 handgunners, swap the dragon bow for aldred's casket, and lose teh wizards staff (very minimal effect in game anyway). YOu could lose a mortar for the 2nd but I can see why you have 2 in the list.

Finally it could be very useful to add banner of eternal flame to a unit so you can deal with regeneration a bit better (potentailly grave guard, hellpit, Varghulf).

28-08-2011, 21:58
Yes I will split the hand gunners into 3x10, I allso feel the need of a canon just to be able to tear down big stuff (like the screaming bell) but I dont want to get rid of a mortar those things would work wounders against the skaven's.
In both my DE and WoC I ran a lvl 4 and a lvl 2 so feels a little weak with "just" a lvl 4 althoug the Warrior Priest has it's own tricks.. I would run Death both for the fluff and destruction but probarbly whipp out Light against the VC just for the heck of it.

29-08-2011, 01:41
Yes, the cannon is necessary. But don't worry, you don't need to drop a mortar:

Drop 25 Swordsmen saving yourself 150 points. Swordsmen are for holding up the enemy. They don't do enough damage for a 60-man attrition unit.

Drop your Free Company - they're totally useless and that saves you another 150 points.

Use your 300 points to buy 10 more Halberdiers, 15 more Greatswords, and a Cannon. You now have two solid combat blocks, and a decent way to kill nasty monsters. Your 40 Halberdiers can do the enemy-taunting, and that's more fluffy because Halberdiers, not Swordsmen, are the standard troops of the Empire.

I'd also say that the Armour of Meteoric Iron, or indeed any defensive item, is worth more on your priest than the Hammer of Judgement. Priests are there to provide Hatred and prayers, not to kill by themselves. And I don't think they're actually allowed full plate armour...

29-08-2011, 09:22
Warrior Priests can't take full plate armour, it's heavy armour as a maximum for them.

AFAIK, Knights of Morr are standard lance knights, not great weapon knights. Also, the only great weapons you can readily stick on knights are hammers and are more suited for White Wolf knights.

60 swordsmen aren't going to do you much good. I'd go for Halberdiers instead, saving you 65 points as a result of the direct swap. If you tool the handgunners and free company as detachments your army isn't legal on the points break down for the % slots.

The handgunners in a uni of 30 is unwieldy and will lose you a load of shots. 3 units of 10 as standalone core units would make sure your slots are right, and would maximise your shooting.

I'd swap the free company out for either Hapberd detachments or swordsmen detachments, either of which in 15 strong groupings.

You could do with a couple more knights in the unit for longevity.

I wouldn't expect the general on Pegasus to do a great deal tbh. He's too fragile on his own to survive against any serious shooting or combat. Maybe drop the Pegasus and bow in favour of using the points for a cannon.

The helstorm rocket is somewhat unpredictable. If it gets a decent hit then it's immense, but it will probably only to anythin useful at most once in the game (statistically speaking).

My 2p worth.

THE \/ince

29-08-2011, 10:56
Ok, i know you said you really want a big F-off unit of swordsmen.

But all those extra numbers will do is hold up points. i mean, you need a cannon, and dropping swordsmen is one of the only ways i woudl see you would get it.

Also, they are hardly the cheapest state troop. Halberdiers work well in those size units (slightly smaller, 50 max really) as there cheap, less durable, bit more killy. especially with a hatred warrior priest.

So, if you changed your core to the following;

50 Halberdiers w. Comamnd = 275
*10 Handgunner detatchment = 80
*10 Handgunner detatchment = 80

40 Swordsmen w. command = 205
*10 Handgunner detatchment = 80
*10 Handgunner detatchment = 80

29 Freecompany = 145

That winds you up with exactly 625pts core, and 30pts extra to spend on other stuff. You also have more handgunners, and your units are still big, but not OTT.

You could also do with cannon. Id be tempted to drop a mortar for it.

Also, your greatswords are too small. Either drop them, or find the points to get an extra 10 at least. 11 I1 S5 attacks will do noothing but die. Close to 30 however, will. A

I also think the warrior priest in the knight unit is a bit overkill. I mean, you get hatred on 9 models. which, if your attacking Ws3 models, you hit with 6, re-roll, hit with an extar 2. Or, your stick him on foot in one of the state troop units i mentioned, which means you hit with 75% of attcks instead of 50%. Which is an extr 7.5 attacks for the halberdiers?

And if you could, try and upgrade one of the wrrior priests to an arch lector. The extr prayers and dispel dice are so useful.