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28-08-2011, 19:25
Hi all,

After a long GW hiatus I'm considiring going back to Warhammer. I want to start a solo Slaanesh DoC army. I have yet to buy any models but I want to know if solo Slaanesh is viable. Here goes;

Herald of Slaanesh
- Alurre of Slaanesh, Enrapturing Gaze
140 pts

The Masque of Slaanesh
90 pts

19 Daemonettes (Herald goes here)
258 pts

20 Daemonettes
270 pts

5 Seekers
120 pts

5 Seekers
120 pts

All constructive criticism is welcome.

30-08-2011, 17:47
the only gifts worth taking on the hereld are siren song and torment blade. torment blade is a hand weapon and as its a gift you dont replace your hand weapon as standard so you have 2 hand weapons for and extra attack.
most of the slannesh gifts are about taking leadership tests but with the BSB and generals leadership there prety poor now.

also seekers are a bit rubbish for 240 points its better to have 4 fiends as they are awsome.

but with these few teaks you will do fine. but may i sugest in higher point games just putting a herald of tzeench with shadow in there somehow. shadow magic is perfect for deamonetts with the buffs and debuffs to make those many low strenght attacks wound on 2+.


30-08-2011, 17:49
Hard to comment as personally I've not really played many 1000pt games in 8th Ed. And despite owning a mono-slaanesh DoC army for some time I've never got around to assembling them!

Having said that though, I'd say this list looks OK. Some pretty fast moving cav, and 2 reasonable blocks of infantry - I can see why you didn't go for a single block of 40.

One thing I would suggest for variety is dropping the Masque and boosting your herald to a lvl 1, and then maybe some magic banners on the units to make up the pts. Slaaneshi DoC magic is nasty :)

30-08-2011, 18:33

First thing I have to say playing a mono-god army is difficult but super cool so Bravo sir.

With Daemons you really need to add a Herald to all your infantry units. Daemons core troops are good but with a herald they are even better. Daemonettes are not the best infantry, they are super awesome against elves, marauders, .... all the low T and low armour units but rather weak against tougher units and you really need the advantage of Always Strike First and superior I.

Personally I would add a level of magic to a herald, because I think Slaanesh spells are great and I love magic :).
A level 2 could be quite useful in the magic phase to dispel, especially in 8ed.

30-08-2011, 20:15
Is magic really necessary at 1000 pts? I could drop "The Masque" get a magic level and 10 more daemonettes. Is the herald properly "gifted"? Should I change anything there?
I don't think I could fit another herald in there, once I go up in points I will get another herald with the banner that drops the LD by 2 for all ennemies within "10.

31-08-2011, 09:48
Without real magic defenses against some armies (my Daemons for instance) you wont stand a chance even at 1000 points.

31-08-2011, 18:29
Without real magic defenses against some armies (my Daemons for instance) you wont stand a chance even at 1000 points.

Might be worth elaborating on what you mean by "real magic defences". At 1000pts the best a mono-Slaanesh list is ever going to get is a Lvl1 caster (from memory I think only Tzeentch heralds can be Lvl2) - and to make it worse I don't think Slaaneshi characters have access to the dispel scroll gift :)

The only other magic defence I can remember was the magic banner that was -X to cast spells of a chosen lore. Could be handy - but requires a 2nd herald upgraded to a BSB, which could make the army really small :eek:

At 1000pts to be honest I'd just stick to the 1 lvl1 and hope for the best when rolling to dispel :)