View Full Version : Pursuit off table; did we play this right?

28-08-2011, 22:09
The mind boggled during a game this afternoon.

My last remaining unit on the board was a unit of 6 Bulls, ranked three wide, charged by a horde-formation unit of Savage Orcs. When the attacks were done, the Bulls were down to one wounded model and the Orcs were still ten wide. The Break test was failed and the Bull fled.

By interesting positioning of the units, the Bull fled 9" directly towards a corner of the table, but did not leave the table. The Orcs pursued 6" - not enough to catch the Bull, but enough to hit the table edge.

The result wasn't game-changing - the Bull failed his snake-eyes and fell off the board, completing the massacre - but did a victorious unit just manage to pursue an enemy off the table without catching them? Or should they have remained on the board?

28-08-2011, 22:16
Yes a pursuit move can take you off the battlefield per pg 58.

Whether you catch or didn't catch the unit is irrelevant. Only that while making a pursuit move the unit contacted the board edge.