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29-08-2011, 00:56
So I created this 2500pt list for a future game with friends when we weren't using magic. I was wondering if this would work or if it should be changed.

Brettonian Lord (General); lance, shield, Pegasus, Virtue of Heroism, Sword of Heroes, Antlers of the Great Hunt--269pts

Paladin (BSB);lance, bret warhorse, shield--80pts

Knights of the Realm (12);Musician, Standard Bearer--312pts

KotR (6); 144

KotR (6); 144

KE (6); 120

KE (6); 120

Men at Arms (20); 100

Men at Arms (20); 100

Men at Arms (10); 50

Men at Arms (10); 50

Men at Arms (40); standard bearer--210

Peasant Bowmen (8); 48

Peasant Bowmen (8); 48

Peasant Bowmen (16); 96

Pegasus Knights (3); 165

Pegasus Knights (3); 165

Mounted Yeomen (5); 75

Field Trebuchet (1); 90

Grail Knights (3); 114

The point of this list was to use infantry to clog up enemy units then use the cavalry to charge the flanks of those units and stop the movement of other enemy units. Also the fast cav and pegasus knights were to be used to extend the flanks quickly to enclose the enemy.

If anyone has better ideas for this list please share.

29-08-2011, 01:30
The problem is that your enemy will get a fair few victory points from wiping out your little units, and you have only one unit with even a chance of taking out one of his combat blocks.

Especially playing no-magic games with more points spent on troops, men-at-arms units of 10 or 20 will simply be brushed aside by big, tough units from armies with serious infantry. Combine them to a second unit of 40, get full command on both, and use the points you save to get more knights. Either you need a lot of 6-man units to double-charge with, or you need another large bus to negate Steadfast.

The 3-man unit of Grail Knights won't do much, and I don't think it's strictly legal (though I'm not sure, don't have my book to hand and I've never seen anyone even try that before!).

Two units of pegasus knights is probably overkill, particularly since your general can double up in their warmachine hunting/chaff killing role if there are no monsters for him to Heroically slay.

The Merry Mushroom
29-08-2011, 16:56
8 peasant bowmen is illegal unit. I'm not sure if 3 grail knights are going to do much. M@A units in size less than 25 is kinda pointless IMO. MSU lances ar good for flanking but you'll might want to have something (block of M@A or a big lance) to pin the target down that you can get that flank/rear charge. 2nd treb could be nice

29-08-2011, 17:15
The Paladin BSB cannot take mundane gear such as a lance or a shield.

29-08-2011, 19:36
ok thanks guys. the grail knights are allowed to be in a unit of 3. the thing with the peasant bowmen was really just me thinking of a way to get three units so i could cover the trebuchet because my friends always charge it. And with the M@A i was thinking of a way to block up my friends units without putting too many points on the line. we dont play victory points we usually play till there is a clear winner meaning one army is obliterated. But this list is probably going to change when me and my friends play and cav only game that we are making up. I will post the army list and scenario when it happens.
Thanks guys.

29-08-2011, 20:08
2 blocks of 50 M@A would be more effective then msu. The msu lances work well with the big blocks so I'd keep them.

I'd drop the illegal units of bowmen to field another treb as it is a much bigger threat.

I'd drop whatever I'd have to to get a level 2 damsel with a scroll. With the prevalence of magic in 8th I'd fit this vital bit of protection in somewhere.

MSU grail knights are awesome. Hit just hard enough to kill off small units/warmachines in a single turn yet not so many points that if they die they hurt you too much. Coupled with a couple of pegasus knight units like you have and the marmachines will have a hard time staying alive.

If you are going to field the pegaus lord, include stakes for your unit of bowmen and deploy him behind the unit. The stakes can eat the first cannonball for him most of the time. After that he is on his own but hopefully your pegasus knights are killing his cannons by then.

I'd drop the mounted yomen as the pegasus knights and the grail knights are doing that job already. You could use the points for a third trebuchet or a second unit of bowmen to chill with the two trebs.

Just a few thoughts.

29-08-2011, 20:19
well thanks for the tips. but the purpose of this list was for a no magic game. and this will probably be modified for just cav and warmachines.