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29-08-2011, 19:24
After pouring over ogre rumours for the past few weeks I've come up withthe hardest, fastest, smashy-ist list I can without actually putting the fatties on the table.

Have a look and tell me what you think.

Slaughter Master (roughly 300-350pts)
-with some type of defensive kit. Most likely fencer's blades and glittering scales, or something like that

Bruiser BSB (roughly 200)
-Again defensive kit or maybe crown of command

Fire belly/ or beasts butcher (roughly 150)
-For extra buffs, a breath weapon and possibily carrying the hell heart

Naked Hunter ((hopefully not really) roughly 130)

16 Bulls with iron fist and full command (roughly 530 pts)

8 Iron guts Full command (roughly 350)

10 Sabre tusks roughly 200 pts

4 Mornganfs with Ironfist and heavy armor (roughly 240)

4 lead bealchers (172-ish)
-These guys will keep my flanks clean and threaten any fast/light unit opposite my main flank.

4 maneaters with scout and stubborn (or swift stride) (200-ish)

Stone horn (less than 275pts)

So, the idea would be two solid infantry blocks, and 4 units that pose serious threats from turn-two on. The Slaughter master and BSB could go in the bulls letting them hord-up. The IGs will provide high strength support. The morn-fangs, and stone horn will run as hard and as fast towards a flank as possible . The scouting-maneaters, and vangarding-sabretusks will start the game deep up une flank.

vinny t
30-08-2011, 02:03
Well with the costs you've listed it looks like you're probably going to be over by a minimum of 250 points. That being said the list looks pretty solid.

I'd definitely go with the Firebelly over the butcher, a S4 breath weapon is absolutely amazing and lore of fire is pretty good. You might want to add a couple single sabertusks to redirect and such

30-08-2011, 07:08
My list is rather similar to what you're planning...just a butcher with beasts or heaven instead of a hunter and only using sabertusks as re directors.

As for the SM, Fencer's Blades + Glittering Scales is pretty swell...5+ to hit your SM against nearly anything out there (6+ if you go with Heaven's support). I was planning on an Amulet of Endurance for a bit more protection, and a potion of speed to give me a small edge if ever it is needed.

Bruiser BSB would likely wan't as much protection as it can get...so Enchanted Shield + Talisman of Preservation is quite good.

I'm not convinced too much on the GW for Firebellies, as I like the idea of him in IG unit removing regen if it is needed before my big guys shred 'em...Ironfist for extra attacks where needed perhaps?

16 bulls...quite expensive of a unit..I was considering 10+2 characters myself. 4x3 standard...3x4 if I need beefy impact hits (rather uncommon i'm sure...but perhaps against bret lances) and 6x2 against horde's. I'd like to see a 6x3 ogre unit though...teach those horde-crazy ******s a lesson perhaps? ^_^

Lovin Mournfangs, and Thundertusks. Also trying out the Ironblaster as I love the model..and being a VC player, I never get to play with cannons :P

30-08-2011, 17:27
Thanks guys, great advice. I might just drop the support mage and maybe a lead bealcher to make up for the points I'm over.

I know for sure that I want to start this edition of ogres with hoard bulls. Who can pass that up. The unit is so big I'll have to use a street sign for a movement tray:)

Currently I'm sold on the hunter with the sabretusks too. 40 Ws4 S4 I4 attacks plus the hunter vanguarding, is just too good to pass up.

30-08-2011, 17:36
Lists like this will look cool on the battle field but the model count is too low.

I'm sure at the end of the day that bull hordes are going to be the top lists. Boring but effective.

30-08-2011, 19:00
Lists like this will look cool on the battle field but the model count is too low.

I'm sure at the end of the day that bull hordes are going to be the top lists. Boring but effective.

Agreed. The problem with ogre characters is that beyond the basics of a lvl 4 ,for magic defense, and a BSB, for the ohh so obvious rerolls, they get compared to how many bulls you could get for the same points. Take the firebelly with hellheart. One of him or 6 bulls? I'll take the bulls every time. Naked hunter or 4.5 bulls? The bulls again win out. Compare it to Ironguts and its more of the same. The problem is this stretches out to the rest of the army. One stone horn or 5.8 Ironguts/8 bulls. Building a dynamic and fun to play ogre list is going to come at the cost of optimising.

Side note
Things to look at would be the ranger's standard for the unit of Ironguts to give them strider and the rampager's standard for the bsb. Normally I would go for the standard defensive gear for the BSB but the additional likelyhood of getting a 10+ for charge distances coupled with the brusier being hard to kill with basic heavy armor and ironfist may wind up making the rampager's standard better overall. For the Slaughtermaster I'd go with Fencer's blades, enchanted shield, and Hellheart. While the ogres would like to have some magic they don't really need it. What they really need is to avoid getting wiped out by rampaging purple suns.