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29-08-2011, 22:53
25 Clanrats, Full command, spears, shields, poisonedwind mortar
25 Clanrats, Full command, spears, shields, poisonedwind mortar
76 Clanrats, Full command, spears, shields
40 Slaves, musician
40 Slaves, musician
10 Nightrunners, champion
10 Nightrunners, champion
39 Stormvermin, Full command, warpfire thrower

7 Plague Censer Bearers
35 Plague monks, Musician, Standbearer, plague banner

Warplighting Cannon

Cheiftain, Armour of Destiny, BSB
Plague Priest, lvl 2, dispel scroll, flail

Warlord on litter, enchanted shield, ironcurse icon, sword of anti-heroes, talisman of preservation

Large clanrat unit with slave units to either side probably in the middle or against one of my opponents nastier units. Warlord goes in clanrats.

Plague priest in the monk unit on one flank with the PCB's in tow. Both immune to psych and are my heavy hitters.

Stormvermin with the two smaller clanrat units on one flank along with the cannon. 3 WeaponTeams and the cannon can do a lot of damage before combat ensues. BSB goes in stormvermin unit.

Things I would like to change:
Unfortunately I had to submit my list before I had a chance to play it. In hindsight after a game, I wish I would've dropped the warpfire thrower to buff the two slave units to 60ish. Also I would've dropped the champs on my night runner and small clanrat units and something else to bring the 25man units to 30man units. I love how the army performed despite the fact that isn't as optimal as I would like.

I still want any/all feedback because I'd like to take similar lists to future tourneys/pickupgames.


30-08-2011, 09:46
My 2c:

Make the 25 Clanrat units about 30-35 each, make the 76 strong unit smaller to pay for this. (units of 25 do very poorly against almost everything)

Would try to add champions to your slave units. Why? Because then they can challenge a chaos lord and save an entire rank of slaves from death.

Nightrunners are not very good IMO, I'd drop them and boost up your slaves or get a small unit of gutter runners (6-7)

Stormvermin are solid.

If you can find the points, try to bump the plague unit up to 40.

Hope that helps.

30-08-2011, 18:08
I'd agree with ftayl5, the only additional comment I'd make is to look at dropping the PCB's. As much as I like the idea of the unit, they just don't cut it any more. Between their censer tests, and a low/average initiative they tend to take significant casualties before they get to attack.

31-08-2011, 21:50
Thanks for the feedback guys. I really appreciate it.

As I mentioned in the "things I would like to change section", I would love to buff the slave/smallclanrat units.

I would like to do this by dropping the warpfire thrower and possible the plague censer bearers now that you mention the idea.
I find they are nice to have against heavy enemy cavalry since I am not taking jezzails. Sometimes they perform beautifuly against other skaven, empire, dwarves, but against higher init armies they get shreaded. Not sure what I want to do with them.

I personally love nightrunners for a few reasons. Against armies that do not have many if any small blocks to guard their flanks, my nightrunners have eaten warmachines. Also, any time I've faced an opponent that had a weakling character like a lvl 2 mage with no protection, then my nightrunners either kill him outright with their 9 base attacks agaisnt the character (very high chance of this (hitting on fours, four hits go through, wounding on 4's agasint t3, 2 wounds go through, dead mage)). Lastly, they are cheap for the concern/potential they have.

I do like the idea of adding slave champs. Why not? :)

I might drop the large clanrat unit down to add some more monks/clanrats elsewhere.

Thx again! Any more ideas are still appreciated.