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30-08-2011, 16:31
This got me wondering, what if I am using the model as part of a conversion to represent something completely diffrent? I was toying with the idea of taking archeon and his horse, turning them into a centaur to use as an alterkin (not my best idea, but i like it, just need alot of green stuff).
Normally they are on a 20mm base I believe, (wood elf lords) not sure if I could even try to squeeze him down to a smaller base, but the question is, in game terms, is it even legal to try and do so?

30-08-2011, 16:52
If your model represent something, it will go on the base as whatever it is it represent, not regarding what you build it from, and what base that came from (otherwise, what if you use pieces from several kits, some on different bases?).

"The base it comes on" is to be taken sensibly, not literally, otherwise you run into problems like models bought second hand not coming with a base, and the whole tired deal like how dumb people wilfully misinterpret it to defend ****** positions of being allowed to use smaller bases for older models and get the advantages from that.

So for a Alter Noble, you need to put it on 20mm base, really... it's an Elf character on foot, they go on that... Apart from Archaons horse doubtfully will balance on such a base, Archaons legs are moulded to the horse, so the amount of work needed to turn him into a centaur may be more than the effect is worth... I would look for another horse-part for a centaur if I were you, and with a plastic model you will probably even be able to get it (rearing up) on a 20mm base, with some work.

30-08-2011, 22:36
Oh man you are NEVER going to get Durghor on a 20 mm.

If you found a way to do so, then by all means go for it. It's a wacky conversion and IMO since you can actually hide Alter Kindreds behind trees, out of LoS, etc I recommend not using anything but a smaller model.

However I do validate your conversion. I am converting the top half of Grimgor and the body of Durghor into a Centigor whom I will put on a 40 mm and count as a Gorebull in my Beastmen Army since I'm going for a Centigor theme.

02-09-2011, 20:04
Generally no one will care if you put something on a bigger base than the standard, since the negatives almost always outweigh the positives. A 40mm Wood Elf character could, for example, be subject to up to twice as many return attacks as a 20mm would. This can't exactly be called modeling for an advantage.

02-09-2011, 20:17
Generally no one will care if you put something on a bigger base than the standard, since the negatives almost always outweigh the positives.

Untill you meet a Doombull with the Brass Cleaver on a sideways Arachnarok base and Ramhorn Helm.

There are enough cases it's generally best to follow status quo or be clear of your intent and purpose if you do make the model larger.

02-09-2011, 22:42
Thanks all, had a bit of a dampner put on my ideas for now anway (I never noticed how small the elf bodies are compared to the horses... see why people use gors now). Popisdead that would be ingenious, and deserving a good thumping out back, thats a good argument to sticking to the intended base size!