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30-08-2011, 21:11
I am new to Warhammer Fantasy but I am not new to Warhammer. I have played 40k off and on for the past decade. Recently my friends that I usually battle with or against decide it was time we give Fantasy a try. So we are. My friends are playing WoC, Lizardmen, Vamps, . . . And I am playing Wood Elves. I know that this is probably the worst time for me to be picking the Wood Elves but the models are outstanding and I always like a challenging army.

So from what i have read through this forum is that cav is out shooting and dryads/treekin are in. I have no problem with that what so ever. My only major concern in my "lord/hero" either way here is my list.

Spellweaver Lvl 4 [Life], wand of wych elm 305

4 units of glade guard x10 480

dryads x10 120
dryads x9 108

treekin x3 195

treeman 285

TOTAL 1493

Again the lord is my biggest concern but from the lores that or available life seems to be the best one. the wand seems like a gimmie.

glade guard gonna use to soften up targets as they approach

dryads using them for medium hitters

treekin and treeman using for heavy hitters

Any and all opinions will be greatly appreciated.

31-08-2011, 00:38
Lore of Beasts might be a good alternative, it would help your Dryads alot. (Plus there's the whole Badass dragon thing...)

The nice thing about Dryads is the whole Ethereal rule, magical and flaming aren't always c-chosen, you might get lucky and win with attrition.

Watch out for hordes, and I'd be tempted with an Alter Highborn with the bow of Loren and Arcane Bodkins, he'll take four guys down on the average turn.

31-08-2011, 10:15
the highborn would be a great option but i cant have him and the wizard in a 1500pt battle so ill stick with the wiz so i have some dispell power.

now as far as fighting against hordes what do u recommend that I use? I know WE are tough to survive with right now but do i stand a chance against horde armys?

what ethereal rule for the dryads? i couldnt find anything in the codex about that

Thanks for the input and advice.

31-08-2011, 15:42
I meant Forest Spirit, it was late, I apologize.

You don't need a wizard to dispel, the army can attempt, you just don't get a bonus(unless you're a dwarf...)

The Alter Lord (as listed) and a vanilla hero are 315 points, its doable.

Remember, W. Elves are tricksy, you need to focus on the cha cha.

Your Forest Spirits stick behind your Glade Guard, whenever you're charged alwaysflee through the Forest Spirits. Remember to spread you forces and force them to walk around the board.

Good Luck

31-08-2011, 21:31
Coming from 40K, it's important to remember that throwing in units to soften up the enemy is not as viable in Fantasy. Partly this is due to Panic, although less so this edition, partly due to the fact that because most damage is done in melee, you risk the enemy just killing your "softeners" and then avoiding your stronger units altogether.

31-08-2011, 22:16
I like your list overall, a few points;

As awsome as treekin are, 3 won't duch save draw fire. Which is good in a way. But it's alot of points to draw fire from.

If you drop one of your glade guard units and one dryad, you could buff them to 5 strong. With life magic, they should make it to combat with a decent amount of models left. A d draw more fire from your treeman.

I would also advise keeping the Mage. Her dispelling aid is amazing. And, her ability to give you back treekin wounds is to invaluable to pass. The highborn is cool, but not that worth it IMO.


EDIT; @Algorath - the highborn has a kill rate of 2.083325 with 5 shots. Not 4.0.

01-09-2011, 00:18
well this weekend is a long weekend off for me and I plan on playing a few times. What are the best tactics to use against WoC, lizardmen, and vampires. I wont be fighting them together just individually.

which magic lore is best against each of these?

Thanks for all the input and advice

01-09-2011, 01:15
as far as magic i am gonna stick with [life] at least for now and modify if needed. i am going to run both lists (the one i have now and the one thesheriff suggested) im thinking that the extra shots might be more useful but again i havent played a game yet so this will be a learning weekend for me.

also how worried should i be about flammable??

01-09-2011, 21:14
I don't see any standards? This means you automatically loose Blood or Glory before the first movement phase starts.

I suggest two units of 20 Glade Guard with standards, one with the flaming banner.

I also don't see a BSB which is very handy.

Dryads are good in size 8 for support or size 14 to flank hit something for maximum attacks.

Rather than 3 Treekin and a Treeman comit to 6 treekin or a treeman. Both have uses, 6 Treekin edge out the Treeman except vs a Screaming Bell.

Generally though, you have the right idea.

01-09-2011, 21:37
This is my modified list. I know there are no standard bearers in it but right now i do not see the advantage (again i am new so i will probably quickly learn if i need it) Also from what i understand it is much more effective for me to have 4 units of 10gg than 2units of 20gg because i get target diversity and this way all the units can shoot without having ranks of 10 across making myself a larger target to be shot. Since this weekend will be my 1st WFB game(s) there will be a slight learning curve so i am sure I will be back on here to comment on what went well and what needs fine tuning.

spellweaver lvl4
wand of wych elm 305

glade guard x10 120
glade guard x10 120
glade guard x10 120

dryads x9 108
dryads x9 108

treekin x5 325

treeman 285

Total 1491

Thanks again for all the input and advice from everyone