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31-08-2011, 18:36
Liche high priest 235 pts (lore of light)
LvL 4 and 1x dispell scroll

Liche high priest 270 pts (lore of nehekharan)
LvL4, hierophant, channeling staff, talisman of preservation

Necrotect 60 pts

Tomb prince 152 pts
gold sigil sword
armour of fortune

Tomb prince 155 pts

40x Skeleton warrior 270 pts
full command, shield, spear, light armour

3x Skeleton chariots 210 pts
full command, banner of swisftness

17x Skeleton archer 68 pts
20x Skeleton archer 80 pts

1x Casket of souls 135 pts

1x Hierotitan 175 pts

1x Necrosphinx 225 pts

1x Khemrian Warsphinx 240 pts
Fiery Roar

3x Necropolis Knights 225 pts
full command

thank for all

Von Wibble
31-08-2011, 19:04
Firstly, you are a few points over. Skeleton archers cost 6 points each not 4 so you need to lose a few there.

You don't have that much in the lines of hitting power. Just 3 chariots and 3 Necropolis Knights won't last long. Usually in a magic heavy tomb king army you need to have units to take advantage of the buffs you will give them. I would suggest dropping the necrosphinx and a unit of bowmen, and getting 2or 3 more chariots (for S5 impact hits or an extra unit) and/or 3 Necropolis knights (to make the unit much more durable).

I also think the army is too character heavy. Hatred and WS5 on skeleton warriors seems unnecessary as they only hit at S3. Unless you pull off a strong dessication, which can't be relied on, the skeleton unit still won't kill much. I'd drop the necrotect for this reason. I'd also look at lowering the light priest to level 2 because those extra levels amount to paying 100 odd points for +2 to cast smoe spells. You will have good spells for the hierophant plus the casket and hierotitan's spells, so its not like you won't have options ni the magic phase.