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31-08-2011, 20:16
My Uncle recently picked up Tomb Kings and he got to play his first game last night. This was also my first game against the new Tomb Kings. I play Dwarves and made a semi-competitive list to battle him with. I don't want him to just walk all over me do I? We ended up playing the Blood and Glory scenario, which worked out as we both had 7 fortitude at the start of the game and the breaking point was 2.

Tomb Kings

High Liche Priest - General, Hierophant, Lore of Nehekhara, Level 4 Wizard, 4+ Ward Save
Liche Priest - Lore of Nehekhara, Level 2 Wizard, 5+ Ward Save

25 Skeleton Warriors - Full Command, Shields
25 Skeleton Warriors - Full Command, Shields
10 Skeleton Archers - Full Command (HLP)
10 Skeleton Archers - Full Command (LP)
6 Chariots, Full Command
5 Light Horsemen
Tomb Scorpion
Tomb Scorpion


Runesmith - General, Shield, 2+ Re-rollable Armor Save, Immune to KB/Poison
Thane - Battle Standard Bearer, 1+ Re-rollable Armor Save, Immune to KB/Poison

20 Warriors - Full Command, Shields
10 Thunderers - Full Command, Shields
25 Hammerers - Full Command, Shields (Thane, Runesmith)
10 Miners - Full Command, Steam Drill
Grudge Thrower - S5(10) with scatter dice re-rolls and an engineer

So he deployed his two skeleton warrior units close together with an archer unit behind each.
His chariots deployed off to my left on their own.
His cavalry scouted on my left flank.

I deployed my thunderers in a building on my right with my warriors immediately to their left with a building in the center of the table on their left side.
My hammerers deployed on the other side of the building in the middle of the table.
My grudge thrower deployed behind my warriors and my gyrocopter deployed behind the building in the center of the table.

Dwarf Turn One-

I inched my two combat units forward and flew my gyrocopter closer to his cavalry but out of sight.

My shooting was uneventful and I have no magic O.o

Tomb King Turn One-

He hustled his cavalry towards my grudge thrower and brought all of his other units forward.

He successfully cast the movement spell on his two warrior units and archer units.
He failed to cast any other spell due to my excellent Dwarves.

His shooting caused one wound on my grudge thrower and one hammerer casualty.

Dwarf Turn Two-

No charges. I bring my gyro right up against the flank of his cavalry. My warriors and hammerers position themselves better.
My miners arrive behind his chariots but also close enough to threaten his left-most archer unit.

My grudge thrower removes 20 skeleton warriors from the right-most unit, the one in front of his liche priest level 2.
My gyrocopter kills one horseman.
My thunderers drop two more warriors from his already-decimated unit.

Tomb King Turn Two-

No charges. He brings in both scorpions with a HIT on the scatter dice, both near my grudge thrower.
His cavalry start advancing towards my gyrocopter.
His warriors and chariots start positioning better for a charge against my Hammerer unit.

He casts the movement spell again, healing a few models out if his wrecked unit. No other spells make it through my Dwarven awesomeness.

His shooting fails to wound my gyrocopter or anything else.

Dwarf Turn Three-

My Gyrocopter charges the four horsemen.
My Warriors swift reform towards the scorpions.
My Miners are about 13 inches away from anything at this point so I just advance them towards my Hammerers to help out during the oncoming battle.

I shoot the further scorpion with my grudge thrower, successfully causing a mere 1 wound.
My thunderers reduce the decimated warrior unit back down to its peak of decimation.

My gyrocopter fails to wound the horsemen, and takes 2 wounds in return, failing its 4+ armor save. It flees combat with a whopping 5 inch flee, and is caught by the horsemen.

Tomb King Turn Three-

He charges big time this turn. The chariots and left-most warrior unit both charge my hammerers, chariots in the flank. The wounded scorpion charges the units rear.
His other scorpion charges my grudge thrower.

His other units just kind of shuffle about like the undead usually do.

He grants his skeleton warriors in combat killing blow, but gets double 6s and his archer unit is reduced to his high liche priest and the unit standard bearer.

His shooting causes three wounds on my miners.

In combat he rolls 8 S5 impact hits, and the ensuing damage results in about 6 total hammerers dead. I kill as many skeleton warriors as I can, which is about 8 or 9 if I recall correctly. I also cause 2 wounds on his chariots and 1 on his scorpion. He wins combat by a ton and I pass with my LD9 stubborn re-roll.

His scorpion fails to wound my grudge thrower.

Dwarf Turn Four-

My miners charge his archers with his liche priest level 2.
My warriors charge his scorpion thats engaged with my grudge thrower.

Nothing happens in shooting.

My miners go first and put the hurt into the archer unit, crumble them to death, and overrun into his chariots flank.
My warriors kill the scorpion but not before it slays my war machine!
My hammerers and miners kill 2 chariots entirely, 7 or 8 skeleton warriors, and put another wound on the scorpion, leaving it with 1 wound left. The chariots no longer disrupt and I have more ranks than the skeletons now. All three of his units crumble into dust and die.
Both of my units reform to face his generals archer unit with its whopping model count of 2.

Tomb King Turn Four-

He runs away and shoots at me. We talk about calling the game. I tell him he won't get away that easy.

Dwarf Turn Five-

I charge and kill his general's unit, reducing his fortitude to 1 (his horsemen unit) and winning me the game.


Dwarf MVP: Hammerers. You can't touch this.

Tomb King MVP: Horsemen. They took out my one mobile unit that could have been flying over and killing his archer units containing his wizards. They took a beating but still kicked but, I was actually impressed with these and their harassment capability.

31-08-2011, 20:37
You know when someone plays for the first time you're meant to let them win (just), right? ;-)

Sounds like a good game, and a nicely written report. You obviously did a good job cancelling out his magic, and there wasn't anything in his army that could take the hammerers in combat. Nice one :)

02-09-2011, 12:34
Did your opponent cry uncle when you beat him? ;)

03-09-2011, 01:15
Lol, yeah. I will never go easy on my uncle and I always expect the same from him. Especially as seeing that he was the only Vampire Counts player here during 7th edition and I only ever beat him once back then, and that was when I was learning to play!

03-09-2011, 06:52
Quick note for you, when your warriors engaged his scorpion that was after the grudge thrower, he could not attack the grudge thrower. the rule is on page 110 in the warmachines in close combat. "Models that are in base contact cannot be chosen as part of a war machine's assault party". Basically if the scorpion is engaged by another unit it can't choice to assault the war machine that turn.

03-09-2011, 19:43
Wow thanks for the tip, I'm glad you brought that to my attention! You learn something new every day.

12-09-2011, 20:17
Yikes that was brutal! Good game, congratz on the win!