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01-09-2011, 11:19
While I am reviewing and remedying my 3000 point DoC list (see other thread) I thought I would let you have a look at my Chaos Dwarf list.
It uses the Indy GT rules and I think it has a bit of everything.
Please feel free to tear it to pieces and offer some constructive criticism / advice :)

340 HIGH PRIEST OF HASHUT - Lv4, Scale Mail of Gazrakh, Arcane Apparatus, Hexacon of Hashut.

243 CHAOS DWARF OVERLORD - Shield, Hammer of Hashut, Hell Armour

165 CHAOS DWARF SLAVEMASTER - BSB: Black Standard of Zharr-Naggrund.

205 CHAOS DWARF WARRIORS (20) - Full Command, Shields
205 CHAOS DWARF WARRIORS (20) - Full Command, Shields
212 HOBGOBLINS (48) - Full Command
208 HOBGOBLINS (47) - Full Command

330 OBSIDIAN GUARD (20) - Full Command, Great Weapons


2998 points

Basically.......Overlord and BSB go with Rykarth's unbreakable Obsidian Guard front and centre.
High Priest with one unit of Warriors.
Hellcannon and blunderbuss unit on each flank.
Hobgobs shielding in front.

Question....enough shooting? Drop 1 unit of warriors or gobbos to get some more firepower?
Thanks in advance for your assistance

02-09-2011, 03:10
Yeah... you're gonna want to link people the rules, as a lot don't have them (/can't be bothered to go find them, in my case).

However: Units of 20 dwarfs is not going to pass muster. 20 Annihilators is a different matter, but those basic dwarfs just can't have the numbers or the killyness required.

I'd suggest combine the dwarf warriors as is (with great weapons, if they have that option).
Lose the overlord (combat characters don't really add 'that' much anymore. Certainly you need to have a direct plan for him, as opposed to "because he's cool". For example, a higher initiative character with a flaming weapon in a unit is useful, to drop regen off enemies. Or to carry crown of command + lots of saves) and use his points to massively increase the size of the obsidian guard. You might be unbreakable and thus not need combat res from ranks, but a) a bigger unit will allow you to go horde and b) if not, more ranks means you can remove steadfast from enemies earlier.

I'm not really sure where you're going with goblins? Between trueline of sight and redirecting charges, simply sticking units in front is no longer really useful. Personally, i'd be looking at dropping them for more dwarfs.

Edit: Oh, and hellcannons are stupidly good. Take more if you can find the points.