View Full Version : Storm of Magic Q's (puppet and Scrolls of Binding)

Ender Shadowkin
01-09-2011, 17:51

We have had a bit of debate on scrolls of binding. Is it two max per type (4 grand army. Or 2 max total. thus can you have 2 units of Harpies and 2 lion pakcs in a 2k list?

Also, after some forum research, it appears inconclusive whether the infernal puppet can affect the fulcrum miscast table roll. What are others generally doing? It can be pretty brutal ...

Thanks for your response!

Lord Zarkov
01-09-2011, 17:59
The puppet cannot affect the fucrum miscast table as it is "The Arcane Fulcrum Miscast Table" and not "The Miscast Table" which resides in the Warhammer rulebook (and is simply called "the Miscast table" even in the Arcane Fulcrum Miscast rules).

Scrolls of binding is two max per type, so two Harpy units and two Lion units is fine