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02-09-2011, 19:58
So my first battle report. We rolled the tower scenario and the Skaven have a unit of Storm Vermin inside.
The Skaven horde:
Unit of 25 plague monks with grey seer and champ, unit of 40 Clanrats (hidden assian), 4 Rat Ogres with Skweel and a Master Moulder, 2 warp lightning cannons, 1 doom wheel, 4 Jazeils, a solo warlock engineer, and 25 storm vermin (in the tower bub.)

Chaos Warriors
Vilitch the Curseling 395pts (got a cool resin model off ebay, looks just like in the book)

Throgg the Troll King 175pts (same ebay seller),Sorcerer of Slaanesh 160pts level 2, Mos, Infernal Puppet

24 Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch 462pts w/ AHW, MoT, SM, Blasted Banner (Vilitch's Unit) 36 Marauders of Khone 222pts w/ GW, MoK, SM, 4 Trolls 180pts (core with Throgg), 5 Warhound 30pts, 5 Marauder Horsemen 65pts,15

Chosen of Slaanesh 160pts
w/ Halberds, MoS, CSM, Favor of the Gods, Banner of Eternal Flame
(Slaanesh Sorcerer goes here)

Round 1
Skaven go first, Doom wheel rolls bad move 6” blast SV kills 1. RO march S.W. end up just west of the ruins. CR does the same. PM and Mortar team move east next to the ruins. Warlock moves east as well.
Magic: Warlock hits marauders with lightning, kills 2. Seer gets dispelled, end magic.
Shooting: Jazeils are long range for the trolls, but 3 hits, 2 wounds and 2 regen saves. Eye of the gods grants +1 armor save. Cannon one hits the Warriors, wounds 3 but I got 2 ward saves. Cannon two hits marauders kills 2 more.
Chaos’ turn. Send horsemen west down the side (trying to get to the cannons), Dogs, Trolls and giant swing around the structure to go after the Jazeils and come at the rats from behind. Chosen charge and make it to the SV. Warriors fail a charge at the Warp Fire Thrower (but he fled and his reaction) only move 4”.

Magic: Cast call to glory on the Marauder Unit. Magic: Cast call to glory on the Marauder Unit. Cast gateway, irrespirable force I kill 10 rats the misfire kill 3 of my warriors. End of Magic phase.
Shooting: none
Close combat: He refuses my challenge, Chosen kill 5 rats, Skaven kill 3 chosen, combat will continue next round.

02-09-2011, 21:19
Round 2
Movement: RO charge the marauders, Doom wheel rolls bad again and the The clanrats fail their charge on my warriors. (yes!)
Magic: (he only roles 5 dice 4 & 1), he ends his magic phase.
Shooting: Warlock fires a Doom Rocket and over shoots his target. Wrap Lightning shoots at warriors, kills 1 with both cannons (yes again!).

Close combat: Marauder vs. Rat Ogres (he refused my challenge), end result combat looks like a tie. He kills more than I wound but we out number and have a standard and musician. We win by one but he is unbreakable. Chosen vs. Storm Vermin (he refused my challenge), end result combat is a standoff, I kill more than him but I am outnumbered and he has a rank bonus (next round Doom arrives).

Move: I charge the Clan Rats. Move my monster up and then I forget to move my horsemen (I’m so stupid).
Magic: All sorcerers in combat, no casting this time.
Shooting: Try to throw spears from my horsemen (this is when I realize that I forgot to move them).
Close combat: Marauder vs. Rat ogres (he refuses the challenge again), this time I finish off the Rat Ogres and the Master Moulder (Skweell Flees). His roll is a crummy 6, I roll 3. The tally 4 Rat Ogres, 1 Master Moulder, 12 dead Marauders (unit cut down to 24). Warriors vs Clan Rats He accepts my challenge (Vilitch vs Warlord both do 1 wound), I kill more rats but I am outnumbered and he has a rank bonus so I lose combat. But pass my leadership test. Chosen vs. Storm Vermin. He accepts the challenge and I get 1 overkill on the champ. Eye of the gods +1 toughness (sweet). But I lose combat and pass my leadership test. I’m down to 8 chosen he still has 10 Storm Vermin.

02-09-2011, 21:28
To be continued, I have to go to my 500 point build up now.