View Full Version : The rejigged Defenders of Altdorf.

Dirty Diszle
03-09-2011, 21:56
Hi guys. This is my current list. I havent used it yet (heck I dont yet own all the stuff to make it) but would like some feed back on how it may perform.

Warrior Priest w/ sword of justice, armour of meteoric iron, shield 132

Warrior Priest w/ h armour, Sword of might, shield v h speculum 141

L 2 Light Wizard dis scroll, power stone 145

Master engineer 65

40 swordsmen w/ full command 265
20 free company 100
20 handgunners 160

40 spearmen w/ full command 265
10 swordsmen 60
20 crossbowmen 160

Steam tank 300

Great cannon 100

Great cannon 100


Dirty Diszle
04-09-2011, 15:15
Go on criticise you know you want to!