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04-09-2011, 09:06
Question: on page 110 of rulebook it says that when the warmachine attacks back it 'makes a number of attacks equal to number of suriving crew models'. For the casket of souls (and most warmachines), this is normally 3. However each of my casket guards and keeper has 2 attacks each on their profile. Am I still limited to 1 attack each? I can't find any clarification in FAQ.

04-09-2011, 10:25
Don't have a Tombking book, thought it would have been adressed there... Well, while technically, it is as you quoted there, you get one attack by crewmember, the number of attacks on their profile or because of equipment doesn't matter...

....but it would be a pretty douchy opponent to demand it to be played that way, when it it obvious what the intent of the rules are. Look at the Dark Elf FAQ for their Cauldron of blood, and how it is noted to work, with full number of attacks rather than 1 per crew.

(Que the idiots going "GW cant rite rules!!!11 Give your moneys to privateer press instead!" :rolleyes:)

04-09-2011, 17:41
yeah, same old thing. Play by the spirit of the game not by the letter of the rules. Use full attacks, that is why they have them. And if your opponent won't let you show him the magic finger :D