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El Antiguo Guardián
04-09-2011, 17:05
Hi all. I´m a VC player. I´m modelling mi own terrorgheist, and thinking about buy another one.
But i have a few questions... (Play 2k-2,5k games):
It´s the terrorgheist OP?
It´s a good idea take 2 of this beast?
And, well, how do you use it?
In my list i ever used 2x5 dire wolves, 2x3 vampire bats and 1-2 banshees (hero opcion), but i´m thinking about use the T-Gheist, and...well, i don´t know.

El Antiguo Guardián
05-09-2011, 11:11
Anyone can help me?

05-09-2011, 11:20
I wouldn't reccomend taking 2. I played some games with it, and i found it as an awesome monster for taking out single models (like machines, other monsters, single characters out of unit, ect) and small sized elite units with it's scream. But the other side, it's not much impressive on HtH, and near useless against high model count units.

El Antiguo Guardián
05-09-2011, 11:23
I´m planning used 2 banshees, 2x19 skellies (bunker), vampire magic lord (with death lore and helmet), lord of vampires (magic power...), 2x5 dire wolves, 2x3 vampire bats, 40x Ghouls, 30x grave guards and the T-Gheist. I think it´s a pretty list, funny to play, and competitive. If you like, can translate it to enghlish and put in the correct subforum (i only have the list on spanish lenguage).

05-09-2011, 17:51
Heheh, 2 banshees and 2 Terrorgheists are too evil. Keep it at 1 and people will like you more.

Alternatively, you can go all out and go for two Terrorgheists and as MANY Banshees as you can possibly field =D that should be fun too

El Antiguo Guardián
05-09-2011, 19:18
But you need wolves and bat, bunkers for wizards, and battle tropps. I think 2 and 2 are good.
Well, in 1 hour i will put my list.

El Antiguo Guardián
05-09-2011, 20:33
Here is the list.

05-09-2011, 21:02
Posted a comment on your list, short version is you want a Varghulf with your TG. V counts as vampire and is suited to HTH, Tg is better at range.

This is not a must, but it is a good combo and makes it hard for your opponent to decide what to focus on. Does he aim for your GG deathstar or the two monsters ripping apart his flank. With the Vand TG, he has to deal with strong shooting and powerful close combat.