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05-09-2011, 00:36
Was wondering If I could have your opinions of this army list?

Disciplines:Focus of Mystery,The fucused rumination,The becalming cogitation,
Magic items: Diadem of power
Lore of Life

points: 400

20 Temple Guards(Fc)
carnosaur pendant,Banner of Discipline

points: 390


Saurus old blood
Armor of Destiny,dawnstone,Iron curse icon,Great Weapon

Point: 237

19 Temple Guards(st,mu)
Banner of Swiftness

points: 340


Skink Priest lvl 2
Channeling staff,Dragonbane gem
Lore: Heaven

points: 120

20 Skinks(musician)

points: 106


10 skink skirmishers

points: 70


10 skink skirmishers

points: 70


10 skink skirmishers

points: 70


Scar veteran(BSB)
light armor, shield, luckstone,potion of speed

points: 128

30 Saurus (St,mu)

points: 348


2 Razordons
+2 handlers

points. 160


2 Salamanders
+2 handlers

points: 160


Army total 2599 points

Lords: 637 p = 24,5%
Heroes: 248 p = 9,5%
Core: 664 p = 25,5%
Special: 730 p = 28 %
Rare: 320 p = 23,3 %

05-09-2011, 00:54
The skink priest isn't going to really do anything. Your Slann should have the Loremaster discipline (can't remember it right now). This discipline will give him the ability to use up ALL your magic dice; combine it with the extra dice discipline and the odds are VERY good that you'll use all your dice and dominate the magic phase. I would take him off. He adds some nice variety, but since you cannot choose his spells, the odds of having a nuke aren't that good.

Your BSB should have a Ward save. Anything that ignores armor will make him cry. The other side is that your Old Blood should not have the Ironcurse Icon. Give him either a nice weapon, or a useful item.

Combine your Temple Guard, and trade some skinks for more Saurus. A horde of Temple Guard and a horde of Saurus will be a SCARY thing to face (especially with Earthblood and Regrowth).

Summing up:
Trade the skinks for Saurus, the Skink priest for an extra Razordon and Salamander, give your BSB a Ward save, give your General more hitting power (or more support capability), and change your smaller units for two huge units (steadfast or horde).

05-09-2011, 01:13
Thanks for your feedback

General already got loremaster, +1 pd a cast and 1 enemy wizard within 24 must discard all roles of 6 when casting
also the magic item makes him able to save up to 2 pd to use as dispel dices the following turn.

The Skink shaman is there for 2 Reasons

if the Slann fail to make a cast, to use the remaining PD.
or use any PD above 7 to lighten the DD to be used against the Slann and if the opponent don't do that i'll get some additional protection from warmachines.

+ I got bad experiences relying on 1 wizard

Did consider making the temple guards 1 unit, but i fear it would be to juicy a target(sure regrowth could get me some back but...)
Really If I combined the 2 units i'd end up with a Deathstar worth 1346 points...

that is sure to resive every bit of attension the opponent could offer any unit.

It is tempting though to get more sauruses and the ward save on the BSB would be really nice but i had a hard time finding points to anything but 15 point magic items and i'd rather get potion of speed,iron curse icon and dragonbane gem than a one time use 4+ ward save :/

well I could cut some skins for some more Sauruses but i fell there should atleast be 2 units of skirmishers in the army(to deal with Giants and the like)

Though you mentioning the thing about the Skink Priest did make me want to reconsider it for another reason, He's likely to be fighting the diadem of power for his power dices... he will most likely in any turn i don't have more than 9 PD...