View Full Version : Warmachines mounted on Monsters/Chariots

Chaos Undecided
05-09-2011, 10:54
Just trying to clear this up really what with working on a new Orc & Goblin list and likely to be facing Rhinoxen based artillery in the near future the Ironblasters, Scraplauncher and Arachnaroks Web Flinger all state they fire as using the same rules as the appropriate war machine, now those war machines are all allowed to align to their target before shooting. However being that these units are first and foremost a Chariot or Monster am I correct in assuming that they are not allowed to do this and can only fire at a target within the normal forward arc? This would seem especially important on a scraplauncher that has suffered the Groink misfire result and now subject to fanatic style movement.

Couldnt check the latest O&G FAQ a possible ruling at present as the GW sites having issues atm, would be interested if theres a clear consensus on this.

05-09-2011, 13:31
Your are correct. They fire in their forward arc.