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Asuryan's Spear
05-09-2011, 11:07
just spent the last few weeks playtesting and painting this army. there was a mixed results and i'd really like to develop the the list so here it is :


Archmage- 310
Level 4, silver wand, ring of fury, Lore of Life


Elf Mage- 165
Level 2, seer staff, Lore of Shadow

32 Spearmen with full command- 302

32 Spearmen with full command- 302

20 Archers with a Hawkeye- 230

30 White Lions, full command, amulet of light, Lion Standard-520

Riders of the Dragon- 370
9 Dragon Princes of Caledor, Full command, Banner of Sorcery


Bolt thrower-100
Bolt thrower-100
Bolt Thrower-100

Any feedback would be gratefully recieved

06-09-2011, 04:29
My personal opinion is that, in this edition, neither archers nor bolt throwers are worth their points. Since you seem to be aiming for a melee-focused force, I'd recommend using your ranged-weapon points for:

1. A battle standard bearer. We HE usually can't count on being Steadfast, so the re-roll is handy if we lose combat, or to guarantee success on psychology tests. If you give the BSB the Armor of Caledor and a great weapon, he can give one of your Spear units a decent extra punch.

2. Great Eagles. They're the best 50 points in the HE list, and can be used for messing with charges, taking out war machines, getting enemy units out of position, and generally being a nuisance. The only downside is purchasing the actual models.

10-09-2011, 06:28
Seeing as you already have the boltthrower models I would give the archers Banner of eternal flame, and put the mage in there with a magic bow so that you can for sure do some wounds on say a war hydra taking away its regen then use the bolt throwers to finish it off. Only usefull if U see treemen, ydras and Hell pit A-bombs in ur meta game though. Or of course it helps vs lore of life lizardmen.