View Full Version : 1000pt tourney with chaos

05-09-2011, 22:26
Hey guys i wouldnt normally play this points limit but i have a 1000pt tourney next week and I am going to use my chaos. Heres my list:

Hero with shield, disc, halberd, mot, book of secrets(lore of shadow), dispel scroll, third eye

20 Warriors with mos, adhw, fc (370)

5 marauder horesmen with MoS, Fc, light armour, flails, throwing spears (115)

15 Warriors with mon, shields, fc (300)

Total (999)

Basically two units in the middle with the disc on the flank where he can see there wizard. The horsemen try to take out warmachines and just get to the back of the enemy's main units. sound good?