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Battle Report (Campaign Game)

Having suffered several decisive losses at the hands of a rising vampire count, free company captain Felix Hetzfeld withdrew his forces towards the town of Schollach in order to resupply and recover from recent losses. Whether bad luck or a curse of dark forces Hetzfeldís forces were ambushed as they passed through Rohrwald forest by a small contingent of Beastmen. Added to their misfortune was an Ogre warband scouting the area. Despite his injuries Hetzfeld insisted upon commanding his own forces, though counsel from his officers persuaded him to head the caravan towards the town, while his force would fight both the Beastmen and the untimely Ogres.

Army Lists

Warrior Priest, armour of meteoric iron, dawnstone, great weapon-144
Wizard, fire-65
39 halberdiers, full command-215
14 crossbowmen-112
24 greatswords, full command-270
Halfling Hotpot (mortar)-75

Bray Shaman, lvl 2, beasts
40 gors
3 minatours

Bruiser, brace of handguns
6 bulls
6 bulls
4 leadbelchers
40 gnoblars

Ogres deployed first in the top right corner, bruisers and bulls behind, 6 bulls to his left, leadbelchers holding the middle gnoblars to the right.

Beastmen deployed on the same side opposite corner (my left). Both characters in the gor horde, minatours and giant to their right.

Empire. Halberdier horde central with a warrior priest, greatswords on the right facing the ogres, crossbowmen to the left facing the beastmen with my cannon behind the crossbowmen, hotpot and wizard just behind halberdiers.

The turn order was Beastmen, Ogres, Empire.

Turn One

A thunderous charge opened the game, 3 mighty minatours crashed into my crossbowmen and despite and timely volley of crossbow bolts not a single beast was felled. The shaman cast flock of doom killing 2 halberdiers. In the ensuing combat my crossbowmen finish off the thoroughly pin cushioned minatour shortly before losing 7 of their number, more than enough to cause panic, fleeing off the board. The cannon crew breathed a heavy sigh of relief as the 2 remaining minatours stopped momentarily to gorge themselves on the corpses of their fallen comrades.

The Ogres hurried towards my lines as quick as possible. The leadbelchers unleashing a volley of cutlery towards the greatswords felling 2, the bruiser took aim with his dual handguns and felled another.

My turn saw the halberds manoeuvre to face the oncoming giant and gor horde and the greatswords hold firm. The cannon unleashed a mighty 2 shot grapeshot against the minatours, causing no wounds. The bright wizard attempts fireball at the highest level and the fickle winds of magic denied him, though the warrior priest prayed for unbending righteousness and Sigmar rewarded his men with courage to face their enemies.

Turn Two

The beast giant crashed into the halberdiers while the gors hold fast waiting in tense anticipation at the arrival of the Ogre band. The minatours hit the cannon and crew with the full force of their charge slaying them comfortably in an orgy of blood and gore. The giant swings with his club and kills a handful of halberdiers shortly before losing all but one wound to the invigorated warrior priest and his men.

The gnoblars, in all their wisdom, deemed the greatswords an easier target than the gor horde and lobbed a few sharp things in their general direction with very little effect. The bruiser though takes out another greatsword in a good show of consistency. The Ogres look ready to charge.

With the left flank collapsing fast the warrior priest did what he could, though the giant had other ideas. Reaching down and grabbing the little glowing man, he stuffed him into his bag, perhaps mistaking him for a trinket of sorts. At this the halberdiers lashed out slaying the great beast and freeing the priest just in time to meet the onrushing gors. Not before the hotpot fired some boiling hot gruel in the direction of said gors and melting a handful of faces (a deviant scatter meant the template barely clipped the unit). The bright wizard was yet again cursed by fickle magic and unable to generate enough to cast the mighty fireball he so desired.

Turn Three

The gors charge in at the order of the wargor, despite witnessing the pathetic humans pull down their great giant beast through sheer weight of numbers. The minatours turned towards the hotpot, undecided whether the Halflings or the gruel would make better eating. The bray shaman was blessed this turn, and cast the savage beast of horros as well as wyssans wildform making for a very difficult job for the halberdiers. In total 36 casualties were suffered on both sides, 40 wounds in total due to the wargor pulling my halberdier champion limb from limb. 22 wounds caused by the gors, 18 by the halberds (not bad!) though the warrior priest still makes them stand firm, unbending righteousness!

The gnoblars, after seeing how little the sharp stuff did, elected to charge the greatswords. Meanwhile the ogres shifted position slightly to account for the convieniently placed ruins covering my right flank. The greatswords, despite being outnumbered 2-1 decisively won the fight, but the threat of the bruiser looming behind the gnoblars kept them in the fight.

The bright wizard cleverly moves himself to the side of the minatours leaving the unfortunate Halflings to their fate, though this did nothing to help his fortunes in the magic phase as he still failed to cast his fireball. The warrior priest continues to fight with the halberds, though this time the fight did not go so well. Just 3 gors downed and the halberds were again massacred down to just 4 men and the priest though unbending righteousness makes them hold firm for another turn. The greatswords pound away at the gnoblars finally causing them to break. They get cut down as they flee and the greatswords, seeing how badly the left flank has collapsed, opt for a breakthrough manoeuvre to try and get away, overrunning into the leadbelchers.

Turn Four

The minatours charge the Halflings and their hotpot, making short work of both the tiny men and the gruel. The wargor makes short work of the remaining halberdiers leaving the gors to attack the warrior priest, but despite their best efforts the priest remained unscathed and kills the bray shaman with a few well placed blows of his great hammer.

Neither Ogre bull unit is in a position to counter charge the greatswords after the mammoth distance covered while cutting down the gnoblars. The leadbelchers do what they can but lose one of their numbers, despite causing 3 casualties themselves they lose but still stay in the fight, the nearby bruiser encouraging them to continue on.

Alone the warrior priest calls out to the wargor who promptly stalks over and even without the augmentations of the bray shaman proceeds to pummel the priests skull in with his great axe, apparently the blessings of Sigmar only go so far. Meanwhile, unknowing of the fate of their comrades, the greatswords hammer into the leadbelchers killing another and losing a handful more, still winning combat, though still the ever present bruiser continues the encouragements of blood and death. The bright wizard, though too little too late, cast fireball at the bulls to the right attempting the flank the greatswords, burning one of them and crisping another.

Turn Five

With the warrior priest dead the beastmen turned to more important matters, the minatours looked up from their Halfling feast and decidedly charge the ogre bulls trying to flank the last remaining humans. The wargor commands what remains of his herd towards the rather lonely looking bright wizard. A brutal combat ensued between creatures of immense size, the ogres emerged the victors, handily slaying both minatours and despite losing 2 of their own number. The wargor comfortably took of the head of the bright wizard before overrunning towards the ogres.

The wounded unit of bulls charged headlong into what remained of the gors with the wargor. The bruiser still caught behind the leadbelchers and the ruins had little option but patience. The combat with the greatswords and leadbelchers saw the ogres down to one and the greatswords down to just the 3 man command team. The leadbelcher lost and not even the bruiser could convince him to stay in this fight, he fled and the greatswords could and kill him before taking cover behind a wall. The wargor slew an ogre, though the remaining two made short work of half a dozen gors, demoralising them to the point of panic, running down the herd and its leader.

With only 3 greatswords left, they stayed safely behind the wall hoping to just survive the ordeal.

Turn Six

With the beastmen completely destroyed attentions turned to the 3 remaining men. Outside of charge arc the bruisers unit pivoted on the spot as he took aim with his handguns and, despite the unlikely odds, managed to kill both the banner bearer and musician of the greatswords.

The greatsword champion bravely passed his panic test, and with the last turn over was the last human alive.

So despite essentially having to fight an ogre army and beastmen army alone for 3 turns before they started attacking each other it didnít go all that badly. The injury chart for both my characters resulted in death, the ogres claimed the last beastmen tile on the map (a grudge match has already been arranged for next week, with the beatsmen attempting to reclaim lost land) and it was a thoroughly enjoyable game.

Sorry about the lack of images, the Batrep was an afterthought. Hope you enjoyed reading.

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Nice reprort, thanks for sharing

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I liked it, sounds like a very fun game.

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Great, but i prefer this with pics, but...great report :)

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Need pics or some graphic! But nice battle report!

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Nice report!

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Bloody beastmen deserved that for not engaging the ogres earlier.