View Full Version : 500pts escalation Tournie

06-09-2011, 11:47
Hi guys

My local GW is having an escalation campaign where it starts with 500pts and goes up by 500pts every 2 weeks.

Ive been trying to think up a good starting point for my army and I cant figure out if its worth leading the army with a Warrior priest in a big block of Swordsmen or having a lvl 2 mage buff everything up with light magic.

The 2 lists I have are below. Any C&C would be helpful.

List 1
Warrior priest with AOMI, GW & Shield-125
30 Swordsmen w FC-205

List 2

Lvl 2 wizard w rod of power-130
30 Swordsmen w FC-205

06-09-2011, 16:22
Both lists look very good but you have used too many points on your lists. i recommend dropping swordsmen to 25 and change your mortar for handgunners, they work better on these small games. i also noticed that you have bought shield for your priest. you dont need it, so change it to ironcurse icon. now you should have more effective list. for your mage list those same changes and you are good to go, i think. good luck.