View Full Version : NEED ADVICE with Orcs&Goblins

07-09-2011, 07:25
I recently went back to hobby after long break, so need some help. Next week there is a big tournament in my neighborhood and because ther is no chance to paint my wood elves to next saturday i decided to play with my brother orcs&goblins. I do not know how people play now, therefore i think to play with balanced army.
Only tourney restrictions - no special characters.
Points - 2600.
Scenarios: Battleline, Dawn Attack, Blood and Glory, Meeting Engettment, Battleline.
This is roster i have made:

Orc Warboss on wyvern with Obsidian Blade, Armour of Fortune, The Other Tricster's Shard and shield (378 p.)

Night Goblin Great Shaman (lev4) with Sivejir's Hex Scroll (225 p.)

Savage Orc Shaman (lev1) with Lucky Shrunken Head (my favourite) (120 p.)

Goblin Big Boss Battle Standard Bearer short bow, light armour, shield, Banner of Eternal Flame (76 p.)

25 arrer boyz with standard and musician (195 p.)
50 orc boyz two choppas full command group(435 p.)
30 savage orcs with two choppas and f.c.g. (305 p.)
52 night goblins netters, shields, f.c.g., 3 fanatic, (296 p.)
20 night goblins with short bows (60 p.) (bodyguards for shaman)
2x 5 wolf riders with short bows (2x55 p.)
2x mangler sguig (2x65 p.)
2x spear chukka (2x35 p.)
goblin rock lobber (85 p.)
doom diver (80 p.)
1 troll (35 p.) (my brother insist to take him, he is called "Gapcio" and brings luck).

TOTAL - 2600 p.

I need Yours advice!!