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07-09-2011, 09:04
This summer I started painting a new O&G army, and this weekend Im brining it up against my friends Skaven. This will be my first time playing O&G and in order to make the match more intresting (and fluffy) we're going to try to get in as many sneaky tricks as possible. Therfore, dear warseer, I'd like you to contribute with your sneakiest dirtiest tricks, to help me beat those pesky rats!

So Im not just looking for "Savage orc big ones with add. choppa and shruken head talisman is great vs t3 troops" - Those ones I can figure out for myself.
Give me instead weird and wonderfull magic item combinations, spellcomboes, deployment tactics, how to confuse the hell out of the HPA, etc!

Go nuts, warseer!

07-09-2011, 14:37
Yeah... you aren't going to confuse a HPA... hell you can't even sneak around it.

In skaven vs greenskin games you are truely talking about horde against horde, and your battle will most likely span the entire table.

The key things to do are to pick your fights and target enemy weaknesses.
-make sure you have ranked up night goblins to counter the ranked up slaves
-make sure you have a little bit of shooting or magic missiles to take out weapon teams
-make sure you have the flaming banner to take out the HPA
-and then make sure to get stuck in and kill before their shooting and magic rip you apart.

Some things to look out for:
-dreaded 13th is nasty against bunkers, so don't think your characters will be safe in a min sized unit behind your lines
-monks w/ the reroll everything banner will stand up to the best of your units

Tricks you can use:
-His key characters will be in a bunker in the back. Smash it with foot of gork a few times and watch him take him panic test on a LD not backed up by ranks.
-Gobspit and his spiders might be your best bet to get around his lines and into his bunker other than a powered up hand of gork.

07-09-2011, 18:36
Use hand of gork to move a unit of ng's with fanatics to the skaven flank- is he is spanning most of the board there is the possibility of sending some fanatics through his entire army-

Similary- he will try and skitterleap some engineers to get some flank shooting, or throw the brass orb into your orc mobz-

Also take some black orcs they are very good at chopping up a screaming bell, or plague furnace-

Try taking the ruby ring- hpa's don't like fire-

Against most of his units you will win combat (the exceptions are rat ogres, plague monks, and censor bearers)- however this is useless as there are going to be so many skaven- so do whatever you can to kill the characters first-

07-09-2011, 20:20
Here are some dirty tricks, but I don't know what you have in your army.

BIG unit of archers with goblin BSB and banner of spider god. Then have lvl 4 and lvl2 to get gift of spider god spell. Wound on 5+ to hit. (I use 50-60 arrer boyz with goblin BSB for awesome killy shooting)

2-4 Rock Lobbas, 2-4 Doom Divers (just stand and shoot him to pieces and wait for him to come to you)

Loads of Fanatics. Have one smaller unit (20 with bows) that you can hand of gork away to opponents side of the tabel.

Have a "cheap" orc with armour of gork for d6 S6 impact hits to smash with cheap wolfriders as transport saftey.

Terror Banner on Big Un's (will not expect that, and your are immune to terror and fear yourself)

Flaming banner on Black Orcs.

07-09-2011, 20:23
I dont think the book has dirty tricks, just good solid tactical options.

08-09-2011, 06:00
I always advocate a unit of night goblins (I choose archers) behind your lines with 3 fanatics (2 works if you are looking to shave points). If the gutter runners pop up, you delete them with fanatics and bowfire. If there are no gutter runners and/or you don't have anything to protect from gutter runners, then you can park the gobbos behind whatever unit you have squaring off against the HPA/Doomwheel to hopefully get it to land on a few fanatics. Even wounding on 5+ or 4+ and regen it's still going to do some damage and make the ensuing combat much easier to win.

Also, I can't stress enough the need to have *something* capable of killing weapon teams. I use chariots or wolf riders or magic missiles mostly. If you get caught in the slave train while there are still a couple WFT's running around ... goodbye.