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Boss Zagstruk
07-09-2011, 14:12
Ive been reading the book for a few days and this is the first list ive made that i really like. The book is great in my opinion. 3000 is a little large for me but my friends have started playing at that points level so i guess i will too.

Tyrant with heavy armour, iron fist, giant breaker, sword of might and talisman of preservation.
310 *with 6 ogres and bsb*

Slaughtermaster , lvl 4 with ironfist, armour of destiny, crown of command and channelling staff.
388 *with ironguts*

Bruiser with bsb, look out gnoblar, ironfist, armour of fortune, sword of striking.
189 *with 6 ogres and tyrant*

Firebelly with lvl 2 and hellheart.
205 *with 7 ogres*

7 ironguts with FC and banner of eternal flame.

6 ogres with ironfists and musician.

7 ogres with ironfists, musician, standard bearer with look out gnoblar.

4 mournfangs with heavy armour, ironfists, musician, standard bearer and dragonhide banner.

3 leadbelchers.

1 sabretusk.

1 sabretusk.




Total - 3000

There you go thats what ive come up with. what do you think?

07-09-2011, 14:38
Your tyrant costs more than 4 mournfang cav, 6 ManEaters or 10 ogre bulls, what does he do for the cost?

Besides giving +1ld (which you can get by giving a 15pts banner on the bsb) he doesn't seem all that hot tbh. Tyrants are a waste of points imo unless they have a very specific role that nothing else in the army can accomplish.

07-09-2011, 15:03
Thats an interesting point. Tyrants do soak up a significant chunk of the army.

However, on the BSB the leadership banner has a few problems- no generals aura, and complete lack of protective gear, which is very important for keeping that reroll bubble around.

As for the list, I think something needs to change and the tyrant is probably the best choice to go. There just aren't enough threats on the table at 3000 points, and the main units are small and very vulnerable to shooting. The characters are forcing the army to be too small.

07-09-2011, 15:44
As long as the general and the bsb are in the same unit the general gets to benefit from the aura for the whole army.

So stick your SM in the same unit as the bsb, chuck the tyrant and buy yourself a whole new unit. Unless that tyrant does something a unit can't.

4 MF cav have 4d3 impact hits at S5, 4 stomp attacks at S5, 16 S5 attacks and 12 S4 attacks.
On average, 28 S5 attacks and 12 S4 attacks for the same cost as your tyrant. (though any unit imo is better than the tyrant, this is just an example of what you get for his cost)

If your dead set on having ld10 (which you currently don't have) then the tyrant has a place, otherwise its hard to justify. If you really wanted some hard hitting attacks then GW on the cav, or a unit of ironguts.

I agree with the above, last edition ogres couldn't compete precisly because we had to spend 1100pts (out of 2400) on characters, now you don't.

The tyrant has no place

Boss Zagstruk
07-09-2011, 17:57
ok thanks for advice. Think ill include some maneaters instead of my tyrant. Still havent got used to 8th ed i love combat characters still :( will have to rework that tonight. how is the rest of the list?

08-09-2011, 01:20
Crown of Command seems a bit superfluous now with the new signature spell.

Also, I don't think the second level on the Firebelly will pay off.

Jack of Blades
08-09-2011, 09:10
ok thanks for advice. Think ill include some maneaters instead of my tyrant. Still havent got used to 8th ed i love combat characters still :( will have to rework that tonight. how is the rest of the list?

It's not like you can't make a list work with a Tyrant. If you like him, include him.

09-09-2011, 01:08
Take him. Seriously, unless you guys are playing hardcore armies all the time, why not? He's not a 'bad' choice, there's just others possibly more efficient.
However, different loadout might be a good idea. Seriously, why sword of might AND giantbreaker? Ogre Blade, for 5pts left, has the same effect and doesn't mean you have to accept challenges. However, giantbreaker + sword of battle is much more reasonable. At which stage, you end up with a tank who can still beat the rubbish out of units/characters.

Oh, and give the slaughtermaster dispel scroll rather than channelling staff. Works a lot better.