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07-09-2011, 14:18
Slaughtermaster, Ironfist,fencers blades, glittering scales, dispel scroll, dragonbane gem 375

Bruiser, BSB, Ironfist, armour of destiny, flaming banner 179

8 Bulls, full com 286
6 Ironguts, full com, discipline banner 298

3 Maneater, scout, swiftstride, pistols 186
3 Maneater, poison, sniper 186
Sabre 21
Sabre 21
Sabre 21
4*Mournfang, ironfists 280
3*Mournfang, ironfists 210

Cannon 170
Cannon 170


Hero costs might not be 100% accurate, will check them later.

BSB and SM go into the ironguts to form a fairly powerful and hard to kill unit. Mournfang have the most bang while ogres go for the weaker target.

Sabres harass and kill war machines etc.

Cannons shoot what scares me while the MEs hit the enemy flank.

Idea was to have as many powerful units as possible by minimising points used on characters.

Going for minimul equipment and heroes to maximise models.
Firebelly sounds fun, perhaps with hellheart but just not SO good I would drop 2 cav models for.

08-09-2011, 02:50
If you can squeeze the Crown of Command onto your SM somehow you've got yourself a permanently stubborn unit of Ld9 Ironguts. When I say permanently I mean until your SM gets killed :)

08-09-2011, 14:46
Are you allowed magic armour and a magic banner on your BSB?

Also can you explain why you would take Sniper on the Maneaters without pistols?

I don't think the Ironfist on the SM works as a shield (ie +1 AS & Parry) if you take a magic weapon?


08-09-2011, 16:36
You cannot have the iron fist with fencer's blades.

You cannot have a magic banner with magic weapons and armor. You can still take him as BSB, but you have to choose one or the other.

08-09-2011, 17:10
Do you have enough core yet? Two units under 300, when you should have at least 600...
Mournfangs should take heavy armour as well, musician and standard are not bad either and you could then take a magic banner for one unit. This way you could keep the flaming banner too.

09-09-2011, 00:57
I'm gonna go with what everyone else has pointed out.

a) Not enough core. Drop one mournfang to get 2 units of 3, and put the remaining puts into more ironguts/bulls.

b) The SM is illegal. Its also a straight up bad combo - the SM is practically immortal at T5 and healing without the other gear. Try a 4+ ward save if you're really, really worried about him, and take an extra hand weapon. Scroll is nice.

c) BSB is also illegal. Just take armour of destiny, job's a good 'un.

d) Have you tried taking units of 2 mournfangs instead of 3? Recently saw a suggestion for units of 2 - so 3 units of 2. More flexibility and smaller targets, whilst retaining their ability to kill stuff. Just a suggestion.

e) Why pistols on the scout/swiftstride maneaters? If you want extra hand weapons, just take extra hand weapons. Without sniper, their shooting isn't actually that great. Take one unit of 6 is you want to sniper characters.
The scouting/swiftstride maneaters are fine btw. They're good for pressuring war machines very early on.