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08-09-2011, 09:55

I was thinking about adding some plague in my current army. So I thought about the plague priest. I only used him with a furnace and I find it to expensive.
People at my local shop never use him so I was wondering if he is still worth using. . How would you run him and what unit would you use to put him in. Do you use the mount? Can he join non plague units?
I really like the model from the furnance and Iím planning on converting it. So I hope his is still worth using. :)

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08-09-2011, 11:03
The furnace is very good, but if you want to have a plague priest on a furnace it is 250 points allready - not included weapons, a magic upgrade or magic items. Together it will be 300+ points (plus the points for the unit of plague monks you need), so many skaven player with a "non plague theme army" will not include a furnace because it is expensive (for skaven) and you will not have many points left over in the hero section for BSB, warlocks etc.
I play most of my games against empire, so I do not include a furnace very often because of the cannons, but if the furnace reach the battle line it is very impressive!

But you could include a plague priest in your army without the furnace and he will still be fine. You could stick him in every unit, not only in a unit of plague monks. But with a plague cencer he will do better in a unit of PCB or plague monks.

The spells from the plague lore are great, but you have to be near the enemy to use them to best effort. Last game against dark elves I skitterleapt a PP behind the enemy lines, cast some spell, charged next round a unit from behind with his plague censor and did very well! Not only killed he some of them but also brought disorder into the enemy lines.
But you have to choose your battle well, even if he is a good fighter (as a skaven) he has no armor and even with four attacks he can still be beaten.

I have the model for the mount, but I have just used him once. As a rider he did not get a LOS roll, so he will be a good target for enemy missiles.

If you want him save you could give him a 4+ ward, but I think that is to expensive. I would give him the +1 attack drink from the rule book (so he get 5 attacks on the charge), a cheap ward (the one use 4+ ward is good enough) and maybe an arcane item (dispel scroll). Is he alone then maybe the 2+ ward against fire, so the enemy can not kill him with fire (lore of light base spell, fire, ruby ring etc. - and the unit carrying the fire banner (there will be one because they will have something against your HPA)).

If you take him in a unit of plague monks the don't forget to include the plague banner - even as a "one use" only is very good (but it will get the rerolls only for the plague monks, not for the priest).

08-09-2011, 12:24
The Plague Priest on Plague Furnace is the perfect addition for any large Plague Monks unit, heh. An Unbreakable Horde of Toughness 4 rats is not an appealing prospect for any enemy, but as BlackPawl points out it isn't cheap either, especially as on top of the unit itself, furnace, priest, and maybe a magic item or two, you really need a supporting unit or two (I prefer Plague Censer Bearers) to cover the unit's vulnerable flanks and deal with other undesirable enemy units looking to get stuck in.

He's a good choice for bolstering any combat oriented unit, but again, he goes well with Plague Monks, as if you can get Poisoned Attacks on them, then the high volume of attacks means those auto-wounds are going to mount up rapidly, allowing them to deal with nearly anything to their front.

Personally I'd just use a proxy model for on foot, and save up for the Furnace, as it's easy enough to mount the priest on a spare 20mm base so that he's removable, and if you have Plague Monks in your army in any quantity, then for games where you have enough points for it, the furnace is just a must.

Otherwise, I'm a fan of the current Lord Skrolk model, which should make a great priest on foot.

08-09-2011, 12:52
I run two Plague Priests in my usual army, which is a Moulder themed force, so I have modeled them both to be crazed Master Mutators.

The first I run as a level 2 mounted on a Pox Rat, with the 5+ ward and a strength potion. He sits in my unit of Giant Rats and hopes to roll up Wither and/or Bless with Filth. With the strength potion and extra hand weapon he is cranking out 5x WS5 strength 7 attacks on that potion'ed turn plus the 2 poisoned attacks from the mount. Usually enough to wreck most hero level characters or give a nasty surprise to some knights etc, and with the 5+ ward he might just stick around a bit too.

In case you wanted to see him, here he is. (http://i155.photobucket.com/albums/s298/spikedog_woof/Warhammer/Skaven%20New/Fattyrider.jpg)

The second I give a second level and the Arabyan Carpet, it is his job to get either Plague or Cloud of Corruption and then fly behind the enemy lines and wreck them, just be sure to face him away from the enemy after landing so he doesn't have to frenzy charge. He can also be used as a warmachine hunter with the extra hand weapon he gets 5x WS5 strength 4 attacks so does pretty well against most of them. But he won't stand up long in combat without armour.

And again here is the other one. (http://i155.photobucket.com/albums/s298/spikedog_woof/Warhammer/Skaven%20New/DSC02045.jpg)

These two have done very well for me and provide enough magically attack and defence for my army in most games. (Obviously not when facing magic heavy 2x level 4's etc) I think they are very good for their points, they are not much more expensive than your average mage but hit as hard as many combat heroes and have T5! Just make sure they are supported in combat and I think they are a very viable choice.

08-09-2011, 14:12
I like a plague censer and the scrying stone.

09-09-2011, 09:11
Thanks for the help. I'm going to test all of this in my next battles.
Currently I run 2 slave units of 40 (5x8). I usually put a warlock with doom rocket and in the other 2 warlocks. One with the mask of eee! and a naked one for the ld boost. It’s funny to see the opponents face when you tell him he has to take a terror test against slaves. But I was missing some punch in the units. I usually use them to hold big bad units and then flank with other units. So maybe I will try to put in some Plague priests to make it more aggressive.

Most of the time I take 1lvl 4 greyseer. But when he’s of the table I get frustrated that I don’t have any casters left. So if you guys tell me that the plague priests are worth taking I’m going to change my magic tactics and use some Plague spells.

Just a question for spikedog: If you run a PP on mount can you take second hand weapon? I thouth that mounted models could not take it. (btw: The models and army look amazing)

Anyway thanks for the quick and great response.

09-09-2011, 10:29
My mistake Skritflem, you are correct mounted characters don't get the extra attack from extra hand weapons.

09-09-2011, 10:46
I agree with the points above, but really love the Plague Furnace both as a super cool centerpiece model, and ruleswise it rocks. The high cost certainly does eat into your army points especially other characters, and I'm frustrated the Priest can only be Level 2. The Priest can be a pretty good fighter with a reasonable initiative, and high toughness, strength (flail) and attacks.

09-09-2011, 12:43
Personally I find they are quite expensive (for a Skaven character) and they are good, but not fantastic, in both casting and combat.

My current army list typically just uses a Cheiftain (BSB) and Warlock Engineer which comes to about the same points and I usually find they achieve more in a game than any times I've taken a Plague Priest. Without the BSB upgrade of course it's even better as less pts :)

Good luck!

09-09-2011, 13:04
He is expensive, but he fullfills another role in the army than a warlock and BSB. You have to hold back the BSB and the warlock, because any enemy which come close to one of them will kill them - and they are not tough to stand against most our enemies have to kill them. A Plague Priest can - and should - go into close combat, with his 4 attacks, high strength and high toughness and his close combat spells he can do some damage before he dies.

But don't understand me wrong: I would not consider to take a BSB and a warlock OR a Plague Priest. The first two are a must for each skaven army, the second one is a (good) addition to your combat forces.

09-09-2011, 15:14
I like to field at least a lvl 1 plague priest, more often 2 lvl 1 plague priests-

This is also to ensure that my grey seer gets the plague spells he wants-

I also run a lot of plague monks- so having the pp ensures I have at least one plague spell in range to help them-

The plague priest also adds some punch to a plague monk unit, usually I just give him The Portents of Verminous Doom and a flail, the plague monks carry the plague banner (allowing them to win combat) while the portents then lower the enemy leadership meaning there is a good chance of breaking even steadfast troops-

It's all about synergy with your list- take a plague priest but make sure you have an assigned task for him and a reason to take him- otherwise they just end up being point heavy fluff-

10-09-2011, 00:30
I like the Plague Priest. 100pts for Toughness 5 Level 1 Wizard with 3 attacks, frenzy and the option for a flail is good in my books.
And that's exactly how I'd run him. Adds a nice 4 S6 Attacks in the first round of combat and you can try and roll for some of the nicer spells like Bless with Filth or wither but if not, Pestilent Breath is quite nice too.

I think he really shines in smaller games, where he'll be able to fulfil the roles of wizard and general if required, but in bigger games ie. when you also have a Grey Seer, his level 1 wizard status becomes less beneficial.